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Energy for Future

Lecture series of the "Energy-Profs" of the OTH Amberg-Weiden

There is more to come...

The "Energy-Profs" of the OTH-AW introduce themselves and their fields of teaching and research.
Nothing works without energy! - No smartphone, no Internet, no refrigerator, no car, no production, not even the toilet flush. But where does it come from, the energy for our everyday lives, our economy and guarantor of our prosperity?
At present, the sources are still mainly fossil energies such as oil, coal, gas. But it can't stay that way, because first, the reserves are limited, and second, this significantly fuels climate change. The generation of our gigantic energy requirements is by far the largest cause of CO2 emissions worldwide. The necessary rethinking has begun, action is stumbling behind, many hurdles must be overcome, technical innovations are needed.
Many more well-qualified and creative engineers are needed for this Energy for Future.
Presentations are always on Tuesdays at 5:00pm via our online event tool Big Blue Button and are also streamed via YouTube. Just click on the link to join the online event.
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