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Our Study Programs

Career Field Engineer

Engineers are more in demand than ever - with a degree from our department you have excellent career opportunities.

Mechanical engineering and plastics engineering offer you areas of responsibility in the research and development of innovative machines and products. You plan, organise and monitor processing procedures, for example in the plastics processing industry. But your know-how is also in great demand in the vehicle and automotive industries.
Entirely new fields of activity have emerged in the course of the energy transition: As an engineer for biotechnology and environmental process engineering or an engineer for energy technology and energy efficiency, you will be employed wherever the environment meets technology. Every company with environmentally relevant factors is looking for specialists like you.

Or are you studying patent engineering? Then you will work at the interface between law and technology and organise companies' patents. In innovation management you support the management, in research and development you accompany inventions on their way to market maturity. You will also find interesting tasks and secure employment in a patent law firm.

By the way: You can also study our degree programmes "dual", for example in combination with an apprenticeship. In this way, you benefit from the advantages of both academic and vocational training at the same time. You can find information on the dual forms of study on the respective page of the degree programme or at OTH-Professional.

Bachelor Degree Programs

Our Bachelor's degree programmes are fundamentally oriented, with a focus on mechanical engineering or environmental engineering. A special feature of our department is the Patent Engineering degree programme, which is unique in Germany. In addition to the basic knowledge for engineers, it also provides knowledge in the field of industrial property protection and patent law.

Our Bachelor degree programmes:

Master Degree Programs

Building on our Bachelor's degree programmes, we offer two Master degree programmes in the Department of Mechanical Engineering/Environmental Engineering. With these, you can specialise in the field of mechanical engineering or environmental engineering and delve deeper into the subject matter.

Our Master degree programmes:

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