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Research and Development in Cooperation

In addition to teaching, we carry out numerous research and development projects in cooperation with regional and national industrial partners. Some examples are the optimisation of engine emissions, the testing of new resource-saving fuels and electromobility. A special highlight is the new racing car of our Formula Student team Running Snail with an electric motor developed in-house.

We also conduct research in cooperation with other universities: For example, we work together with the East Bavarian Technical University (OTH) Regensburg in the project OTH Competence Cluster "Designing with Plastics, Joining Technology, Lightweight Construction". The core topics of this cluster are joining technology (bonding and welding) and general lightweight construction.

Do you have a research project for our department or do you need scientific support for research projects? Then get in touch with us!

Areas of Expertise

The core competences of the Department of Mechanical Engineering/Environmental Engineering are in the fields of mechanical engineering and environmental engineering. In addition, there are the special fields of competence, such as innovation management and the patent area. The following topics are among the fields of competence of the degree programmes and their professors:

Mechanical Engineering and Plastics Engineering:

Operational stability
Plastics technology
Lightweight construction
Virtual commissioning
Applied Fluid Mechanics/Thermodynamics
Compressed air technology
Additive manufacturing
Surface technology
Laser Technology

Environmental technology and renewable energies:

Recycling Technology
Waste water treatment
Air pollution control
Wind energy
Solar energy

Innovation management and patents:

Search technology
Technology and Innovation Management


Here is an excerpt of current research projects being carried out at the Department of Mechanical Engineering/Environmental Technology:

Optoelectronics and Laser Technology
This research cluster deals with processes of laser material processing, in particular microstructuring and laser-assisted surface technology for the production of opto-electronic and electron-optical elements and systems, among other things.


Within the framework of this research cluster, novel microfluidic analysis sensors for environmental and biosensor technology are being developed. In addition, novel energy storage devices based on nanoporous materials are being researched.

Construction with plastics
The research cluster focuses on joining technology (welding and bonding) and general lightweight construction (including fibre composite plastics).

Automation of technical systems
Parts of the research cluster are methods for the regulation, control and monitoring of technical processes, the development of microcomputer technology and field bus systems as well as the development of innovative actuator and sensor technology.

East Bavarian Centre for Intelligent Materials
The cluster focuses on the development of novel sensors and actuators using conventional and innovative materials.

Industry Software Application Center (ISAC)
Efforts towards digital production in the context of the Industry 4.0 initiative are now present in many ways in most large industrial companies. The aim of the research efforts in the inter-faculty project is to make the advantages of Industry 4.0 accessible to medium-sized companies as well.

Combined heat and power
Our research with the Competence Centre for Combined Heat and Power covers the entire range of applications of CHP plants, with various fuels and technologies, as well as with the further development of CHP systems.

Technology and Science Network Upper Palatinate
Cooperation projects with OTH Regensburg on energy and resource efficiency


Our department attaches great importance to high quality in research and teaching. Our high-tech laboratories offer sufficient space for this. The more than 30 laboratories of our department are divided into the two main areas of mechanical engineering and environmental technology. We are particularly proud of the distinction of our laboratories in the CHE university ranking: In the category "Equipment of the laboratories" we have achieved a top position everywhere.

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