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Faculty Marketing and Public Relations


We are responsible for student self-administration and representation of interests. This means that on the one hand, we make campus life varied by organizing parties, excursions, tournaments and much more and try to improve the campus continuously. On the other hand, we represent the interests of the students - that is, yours.

The student body

In each of the four faculties there is a student council that advises and represents students in faculty-internal questions and problems. The two student representatives sit as student representatives on the faculty council, which deals, for example, with the enactment or amendment of examination and study regulations.

We are always happy to receive suggestions and/or helping hands. If you have any questions, problems, ideas or simply want to get to know us better, please contact us on campus, write to us or have a look around our homepage: www.oth-aw.de/studierendenvertretung

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