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Quality Circle

What is the goal of the Qualitätszirkel (Quality circle) and how does the module work?

The goal of the Qualitätszirkel (Quality circle) at Weiden Business School is to improve all areas of university life.
Prof. Dr. Bernt Mayer, Dean of Weiden Business School, created it in the year 2000 and still leads it today. Every year, new students join the Qualitätszirkel, and over the course of two semesters, they turn their own creative ideas into reality.

But what exactly does the Qualitätszirkel (Quality circle) do?

The Qualitätszirkel is active in a wide variety of areas at the campus. It takes care of the planning and organization of first-semester induction days and celebrations of graduates. It is also responsible for the conception and implementation of (company-) excursions, as well as company projects and get-togethers / celebrations (annual mulled wine stand, wine festivals, public viewing at soccer events, and much more).

The Qualitätszirkel is also involved in other areas of the university. For example, it was involved in ensuring that there are 150 new parking spaces and associated parking permits at the campus in Weiden since the winter semester 2018/2019.

In times of Corona, projects such as the wine festival, the mulled wine stand or excursions are unfortunately cancelled.

However, this does not prevent us from continuing to work on interesting projects. Here you can find a list of all projects of current and past semesters.

How does the module work and how do you get your grade?

In weekly meetings, we work on current projects and collect ideas for new projects. Here everyone can be creative and bring in their own ideas. These are then discussed in the group and ultimately implemented by individual students.

Above all, the ability to work in a team is strengthened, a competence that is especially important in professional life. Through the planning of events, contact with companies and the independent implementation of projects, the organizational and communication skills are also improved.

After the two semesters, each student writes a summary of the projects implemented. This is the basis for the grades.

Do you have questions or maybe even your own ideas for future projects?

If you have any questions about the quality circle, please contact the module leader Prof. Dr. Bernt Mayer, or one of the Qualitätszirkel students directly.

Since we have the task to improve the campus life of the students in Weiden, we are especially interested in what you would like to see in future projects. If you have your own ideas, please feel free to submit them via the contact form. These will then be discussed in a weekly meeting and implemented if possible.

Alternatively, you can join the Qualitätszirkel team and implement your idea yourself. We are happy about every new team member!

Ongoing projects

The Quality Circle cordially invites you to WINE & SUNSHINE, the wine festival at the campus of the OTH Amberg-Weiden in Weiden on 24.06.22 from 6 pm. A selection of tasty summer wines, good music and delicious food will be provided. Cool drinks and beer will be served by the Coffee Lounge. Come by and enjoy a balmy summer evening on campus! We look forward to seeing you!

Completed projects

Image video clip Weiden Business School

In the summer semester of 2020, the team of the Qualitätszirkel filmed a short video clip about studying at Weiden Business School. The students were responsible for planning the content, as well as filming and editing the video clip. A drone was also used to film certain scenes.

Wallet made from recyclable materials

As part of the Qualitätszirkel (quality circle) in WS 2020/2021, a wallet made of recyclable materials was designed in cooperation with the company "I Like Paper" from Berlin. The flat and light wallet is very stable and water-repellent. It will be available for purchase at Weiden Business School in the future.

Do you have ideas for us?

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