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Webmail is a very convenient application for decentralized management of one's electronic mail. It allows all the basic functions a user expects from an email client, such as reading, writing and deleting emails. It is also possible to schedule and manage appointments.

GroupWise Webmail-Server

Mail, Contacts & Calendar in MacOS

Set up Apple Mail

  • Please open Apple Mail,
  • Click on Mail in the menu and then on Add Account.
  • Please select Other Mail Account ...
  • Please fill in the following window with your personal data and click on Register.
  • In the next window, please complete with the following information:
  • For the server for incoming e-mails, enter imap.oth-aw.de.
  • For the server for outgoing e-mails, enter smtp.oth-aw.de.
  • Click on Log in.
  • Complete the process by clicking on Done.

Please read the paragraph on currently known issues. We currently support ONLY MacOS (Yosemite, El Capitan and newer). In principle, however, it should work analogously with all CalDAV and CardDAV clients. Either as easy as with MacOS (e.g. KDE Calendar) or a bit more "bumpy" (e.g. Evolution, Thunderbird-Lightning). How you can find out your CalDAV/CardDAV paths is shown below.


Create a new CalDAV account in the Mac calendar with Add calendar account.

Select the automatic configuration with your e-mail address (....@oth-aw.de) and password. Alternatively, you can also select the manual configuration with the server: "xdav.oth-aw.de", your CC account with password.


Create a new CardDAV account in Mac Contacts with Add Contacts Account (you need to scroll all the way down).

Select the automatic configuration with your e-mail address (....@oth-aw.de) and password. Alternatively, you can also select the manual configuration with the server: "xdav.oth-aw.de", your CC account with password.

Log in with a web browser on the following website with RZ account & password: https://xdav.oth-aw.de. Click on "current-user-principal" (right). Now you will see (under your name) the links to your address books (click on "addressbooks") and to your calendars (click on "calendars"). These paths will also work in programmes that do not support automatic configuration (e.g. Evolution). Calendars beginning with a "." (dot) are system calendars and are used in CalDAV for internal communication (appointments in/out, notifications, etc.).

However, please understand that we do not provide support for these accesses!

  • If you have serial appintments in your calendar that were created with old GroupWise clients (BEFORE 14.0.2) OR individual appointments from the series have been changed, then not all appointments may appear on your Mac calendar.
  • Multiple address books do not appear on the Mac - this is a limitation of MacOS - on an iPhone connected via CardDAV all address books appear.
  • GroupWise distribution lists do not appear in the address book - this is a MacOS limitation - Apple Contacts does not support groups yet.
  • Shared calendars (from other people to you) do not support push updates (i.e. you may have to wait up to an hour for an update (or press Command-R).
  • Substitution access is not available - and probably never will be, as this is not part of the CalDAV/CardDAV concept.
  • Support for MacOS-X "tasks" is not (yet) available.

Synchronisation of Mobile Devices

  • You want the convenience of Groupwise on your smartphone
  • Your e-mails always at hand
  • your contacts always at hand
  • Your appointments up to date

Then activate data synchronisation for your RZ account online and configure your smartphone.

When does synchronisation with GroupWise make sense for you?

  • You have a data flat rate with your mobile phone provider.
  • You want to use your OTH e-mails, contacts and calendar data in GroupWise effectively via your smartphone.
  • You do not yet have any other synchronisation of data on your mobile phone.

By registering, you agree that the data synchronisation service is activated for your RZ account. No additional data is collected through registration. Log files are generated during use. This data is necessary to maintain error-free operation and is automatically deleted after 15 days. You can unsubscribe at any time (by e-mail to rechenzentrum@oth-aw.de, or by telephone +49 (9621) 482-3233). The data synchronisation service is automatically deactivated after 60 days of inactivity. No data is lost and the service can be reactivated at any time.

No costs are charged for our service by the Computer Centre of the Amberg-Weiden University of Applied Sciences. However, for synchronisation "Over the Air" (OTA) you need a reasonable data tariff, preferably a data flat rate. Caution is advised when synchronising abroad. There are usually additional costs here for which we unfortunately cannot accept any liability.

As a rule, no data will be lost if you properly set up our data synchronisation service. However, before using the function, the Computer Centre explicitly advises you to back up all data on the mobile phone to prevent unintentional data loss.

Many mobile phones only allow the use of a single ActiveSync account, so existing data can be overwritten when setting up the data synchronisation service of the Computer Centre.

Poor reception can cause connection problems for which the data centre cannot accept any liability. Failures of the data synchronisation service may also occur due to maintenance work. As a rule, however, the service runs stably.

1. Registration:

After you have successfully registered your account via our web form, you can start configuring your smartphone. Since your data must first be synchronised, it can take up to half an hour until the service is active.


With some devices there may be warning messages that the certificate is not in order. This is because there is a new certificate from Telekom, but it has not yet been installed. Further information at: www.oth-aw.de/informieren-und-entdecken/einrichtungen/rechenzentrum/ssl-zertifikate/

2. Set up account:

Gehen Sie zu Alle Programme -> Einstellungen -> Konten und Synchronisation -> Konto hinzufügen -> Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Normally, your smartphone will automatically fetch all the necessary data once you have entered your OTH email address and password.

If you tap on manual setup, you can enter your user data yourself:

  • Username: CC identifier / OTH email address
  • Password
  • Server address: depending on "workload" you will be registered for gms1.oth-aw.de, gms2.oth-aw-de or gms3.oth-aw.de (will be entered automatically during autoconfiguration)

Go back to All Programs -> Settings -> Accounts and Synchronisation -> Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and tap on "Synchronise now".

The synchronisation is now successfully set up.

1. Registration:

After you have successfully registered your account via our web form, you can start configuring your smartphone. Since your data must first be synchronised, it can take up to half an hour until the service is active.

NOTE!! On some devices you may receive a warning message that the certificate is not correct. This is due to the fact that there is a new certificate from Telekom, but it has not yet been installed. Further information at: www.oth-aw.de/informieren-und-entdecken/einrichtungen/rechenzentrum/ssl-zertifikate/

2. Set up an account on the iPhone / iPad:

Under "Settings" - "Mail, Contacts, Calendar" - "Add Account..." click on "Microsoft Exchange" and enter your OTH email address and password.

As a rule, your smartphone automatically fetches all the required data, only the user name may not be transferred correctly (e.g. CC identifier: 98A2). In future, the email address should also work as the user name.

  • Username: CC identifier / OTH email address
  • Password
  • Server address: depending on "workload" you will be entered for gms1.oth-aw.de, gms2.oth-aw.de or gms3.oth-aw.de when logging in (automatically entered during autoconfiguration).

Select what you want to synchronise on your iPhone / iPad:

  • Mail
  • Contacts
  • Calendar

During the first synchronisation, your device will ask you whether you want to keep the existing data. Please keep an eye on that!

3. Handling:

Synchronisation is two-way. When you create data on your iPhone, it is synchronised into your GroupWise account and vice versa.

Activate Sync

Read and accept the information on data protection, cost risk and data loss. Enter your CC account for which you want to activate data synchronisation, confirm with your password.

Myfiles Filr

Directory replication via MyFiles (similar to Dropbox)

  • Access to the home drive (My Files -> Start) and the network drives
  • Desktop and mobile clients (apps) for tablet and smartphone
  • Sharing files also with external users (via mail address)
  • Requesting a file (reverse sharing)
  • Replaces "NetStorage”

Filr (web and client access on network drives)

NEW!!! Joint editing of documents using the Content Editor (please allow pop-ups and reopen the window when starting for the first time).


Rocket.Chat is a simple communication application for exchanging short messages with each other. It is organized in channels where groups of users can communicate in real time about current issues in formal and informal sessions. It is also possible to communicate directly with individuals in personal chats.

Browser application

Client Downloads:







eduroam (Education Roaming) is an initiative that allows employees and students of participating universities and organisations to access the Internet at the sites of all participating organisations using their own username and password (...) via (wireless) LAN. (wikipedia)

eduroam or DFNRoaming is available to all members of the OTH Amberg-Weiden at other universities and institutions participating in eduroam.

The use is very simple:

Go to: https://get.eduroam.de .

Choose Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Amberg-Weiden as your educational institution. Log in with your user-ID and password.

Download the suitable app for your device. You will find the Easyroam app in all common webstores. Generate a QR-Code in your Browser and scan it with the Easyroam app installed on yor device.

We have Instructions for the most common operating systems in our wiki:

To reach services on our intranet please use our VPN client.

Change password

To change your password online, please follow the link below.

More Information

Sophos Anti-Virus

The university is member of a license agreement of Freistaat Bayern and Sophos. Therefore, Sophos Home Premium may be used on all private computers of all students and employees of Amberg-Weiden University of Applied Sciences. On computers owned by the University only „Sophos Endpoint Security and Control” is allowed. That version can be downloaded within the university network from drive I: or after logging into the download area of the RZ.

Sophos Home Premium

The Antivirus-Software Sophos Home Premium can be used by our students and employees free of charge for private use on Windows and Mac computers.


  • Realtime Virusprotection
  • Ransomware-Protection
  • Malware-Scans und -Removement
  • Automatical Updates
  • May be installed on up to 10 Computers
Registration und Download

Registration at: https://home.sophos.com/de-de/employee

There must be created an account first with your personal university mail address (@oth-aw.de) at Sophos webpage which you have to activate following the instructions in the activation mail. Please DON’T USE the same password for your sophos account as you use at the university.

After registration you can login to SophosPortal https://my.sophos.com/de-de/login/ and download the software.

How long can it be used?

After registration the license is valid one year and can be extended as long as you are a member of the university.

End of Life of our contract is at the moment 15.02.2024


Support is only available at https://my.sophos.com/de-de/login/ after login. The computer center does not give any support to Sophos Home Premium.

Installing Sophos

The data centre has a pre-configured setup ready. The path to this file is: "i:\sophos\SophosWebInstaller.exe". This programme only unpacks and installs a pre-configured AutoUpdate programme. You must be logged on as an administrator. After it has been installed, Sophos AntiVirus is downloaded from the web server and updated regularly.

What you should know

The status of the Sophos installation is shown by a shield in the systray at the bottom right. If you move the mouse pointer over the white Sophos shield, the following text should appear:

Protected by Sophos.
Last check for updates: today's date

You can perform a manual update at any time by right-clicking on the Sophos shield in the systray and selecting "Update now".

Further configuration options can also be found here in the dokumentation.

MS Office 365 Pro (For students and employees)

The "Student Advantage Benefit Program" from Microsoft offers all enrolled students as well as all staff members of OTH Amberg-Weiden access to the latest version of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access. You receive Office 365 directly from Microsoft via the "Office 365 Portal". The necessary account with Microsoft is created via the StudiSoft portal of the University of Würzburg.

NOTE: The HS-ACCOUNT mentioned in the process is NOT the mail address but <username>@oth-aw.de.

Included in the package are the following Microsoft applications

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Publisher
  • Access


  • Office desktop version installed locally and usable offline
  • 5 installations per user on PC and Mac
  • Version upgrades included

The usage is bound to the respective status of the student / staff member. Authorisations are generated directly from the user account. The transfer of personal data must be explicitly agreed to prior to transfer. Activation must be renewed regularly and ends with exmatriculation or leaving the university.

Note: When using MS Office 365 and the associated MS 365 Cloud, the guidelines for cloud use valid at the OTH-AW (registration required!) must be observed!

https://www.studisoft.de (select your own university if necessary)

With Office 356 account <username>@oth-aw.de, after successful set-up via Studisoft:



Video conferencing system Jitsi: https://vconf.oth-aw.de (Browser recommendation: Google Chrome)


BigBlueButton (BBB) for meetings and discussions (not for teaching): https://bbb.oth-aw.de


DFN-Conf - Video conferences and webinars

- Please note the Current information on DFNconf and COVID-19 -

The OTH Amberg-Weiden as a member of the DFN is entitled to use the service DFN Conf.
There are no additional costs!

Dozenten und Mitarbeiter können sich über den Veranstalter-Login anmelden und Videokonfernzen mit max. 23 Teilnehmern oder E-Learing-Veranstalltungen (Webinare) mit bis zu 200 Teilnehmern veranstalten, Streaming von Lehrveranstaltungen/Konferenzvorträge mit unbegrenzer Anzahl von Zuschauern.

Lecturers and staff can register via the organiser login and organise video conferences with a maximum of 23 participants or e-learning events (webinars) with up to 200 participants, streaming of courses/conference lectures with an unlimited number of viewers.

DFN offers the Adobe Connect and Pexip systems for this purpose.
The service description, instructions and further information can be found on the DFNconf website.


DFN-Appointment planner

Create surveys and find common dates

Brief instructions for remote access to laboratory computers

Students can get remote access to lab computers in the context of courses and exercises.

You will receive information and access from your lecturers.

Access is provided using the Splashtop software.

If you have activated your account and would like to attend remote events, download the Splashtop Business software and log in with your credentials. NOTE: You will not be able to use the software until an account has been created for you by the university (you will receive an invitation via email)


Using the software

Under "Planned access" you can see your current events.

In this list, the computers that are enabled for remote control for the current event appear.

Via the button "My Calendar" you see a calendar about the upcoming events for which you are registered.

A few minutes before the lecture, you will see a list of the computers that are available for the time of the lecture. Grey computers are currently switched off and can be switched on by clicking on the cogwheel (open settings) and then on "Activate". Please note that the switch-on process takes some time. If you get an error message or the computer does not turn on, please use the web interface to turn on the computer at my.splashtop.eu .

Click on Refresh to see if the computer is available (blue display). You can now double click to connect to the computer.

After the lecture is over, the computers will disappear again and you will be automatically logged out of the computer.

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