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Printing cost accounting system PaperCut

The PaperCut software allows us to charge printing costs for individual printouts via your Novell user account. A print account (account balance) is kept for each user account, on which students must have sufficient credit to make printouts.

Printing via „Print Anywhere“

Duplex-capable Konica Minolta colour copiers with print function (Print Anywhere) are available at the Amberg and Weiden campuses. At these machines, you can log in with your student ID and pick up your print jobs or make copies and scans (scan to e-mail). (Locations: see below)

Printing: To print, use the printer "Print Anywhere Konica Minolta" at the computers. The submitted print job will then be temporarily stored in your personal release queue for 10 hours and can be printed at any Konica Minolta copier on campus.

This will give you a printout from your release queue:

  • To log in, hold your student ID card against the card reader of the copier (front side).
  • Confirm the login on the touch display
  • Select "Release" from the menu on the copier display.
  • The jobs in your release queue appear in the list.
  • Select one or more print jobs
  • Start printing with the "START" button (highlighted in blue).

Printing in a CC-Pool

To make a printout, just select a printer and print the document you want to have. Doing so, the account balance is reduced by the corresponding printing costs incurred during the printout. If the account balance is not sufficient for the action, a corresponding message is displayed. The account balance of the personal print account can be determined at any time via the PaperCut Client programme, which is automatically located at the top right of the screen after the computer is started.

Costs and how to top-up your credit


  • one page, black and white A4 0,05 €
  • one page, black and white A3 0,10 €
  • one page, coloured A4 0,20 €
  • one page, coloured 0,40 €
  • Scan 0,01 €

Please note: When printing in colour, the colour price must be paid if printing with the colour option (default setting in the printer driver) is used - even if the content of the pages is ONLY black and white. Therefore, if you want to print and pay for black and white at the colour printer, "greyscale" must be selected as the colour profile in the printer driver.

The use of the print function of USB sticks on the Konica Minolta devices is at your own risk
(Better use a computer for printing!).

Top-up your credit

The credit must be topped up at the top-up terminals provided. To do this, place your charged cafeteria card on the card reader at the terminal and follow the instructions on the screen. If the amount on the chip card is sufficiently covered, the amount is transferred from the chip card to the print account.

IMPORTANT: Credit once paid in will NOT be paid out again!

PaperCut Online Printing

"Online printing" is a service that allows laptop users and users connected to the WLAN to print at the university. This service is independent of the installed operating system and no printer driver needs to be installed.

The service is available in the university libraries (Amberg and Weiden).

This is how it works

  1. Open your browser (e.g. Firefox) and go to the following website: https://leaf01.oth-aw.de:9192/
  2. Log in with your user ID and password and click on "Online Print" in the menu.
  3. You will now see your currently active print jobs.
  4. Click on "Send print job" and select one of the printers.
  5. After clicking on "2. print settings and account selection" select the desired number of copies.
  6. Select a document (please note the supported file types in the table!).
  7. When you click on "Upload and finish", the document is sent to the printer.

"Print with iOS devices (Apple)" is a service that enables printing with Apple mobile devices (iPod, iPhone and iPad) via AirPrint at the university.

This is how it works:

  1. Open the browser with the mobile device and surf to the following page:: https://leaf01.oth-aw.de:9192/ios/install
  2. A device profile is installed and a new application appears on the home screen.
  3. After logging in to the app with your username and password, you can view your print jobs and account balance or print via AirPrint (follow the instructions).
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