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Corona Information

Outlook for winter semester

At the end of August, the Bavarian state government passed new Corona infection control regulation. After three semesters of online classes, this regulation allows for us to return to face-to-face teaching. Within this regulation, the so-called 3G rule comes into effect. The 3G and mask requirements must be observed for access to and duration at the university. This requires

  • a complete vaccination
  • the demonstrable recovery from COVID, or
  • regularly conducted negative tests

Proof of a complete vaccination, a complete recovery from COVID or a negative test result must be presented to access the premises and/or during the stay at the university within the framework of the university’s infection protection controls.

Non-compliance with the 3G rule and the mask requirement constitutes an administrative offense under the Infection Protection Measures Ordinance and can be punished with a ban from the university and an additional fine.

A final comment: A high vaccination rate is clearly the best prerequisite to control the Corona pandemic in the long term and allows a return to normality. Therefore, we recommend that you do get vaccinated.

Further detailed information on the infection protection concept of OTH Amberg-Weiden will be published shortly.

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