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Christoph P. Neumann

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph P. Neumann
Spokesperson of the research cluster Robotics & Big Data (RBD-OTH), Internship Officer II/MI/EI/IPE/KI/IK, Representative INDIGO Steering Committee
Professor Department of Electrical Engineering, Media and Computer Science

Phone +49 (9621) 482-3647
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Fax +49 (9621) 482-4647

Amberg, Department of Electrical Engineering, Media and Informatics (building G), Room 030

Office hours

Thu 10:00 - 11:00 by prior appointment (email). Preferably by BBB (https://bbb.oth-aw.de/b/neu-raf-bvj-4n2)(BBB best by Google Chrome). When I am late in BBB, then you are welcome to give me a short signal by phone 09621/4823647.

Subject area(s)

Big Data and Cloud Computing for AI

Research area(s)

cf. https://www.oth-aw.de/neumann/research/

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