Course of studies

The full-time course of study normally comprises three theoretical semesters in full-time.

Your studies are modularly structured, whereby you will gain partial qualifications after completing the individual modules. If you successfully complete individual modules with an examination, you will be credited a certain number of credit points (ECTS points). The curriculum provides for the acquisition of 30 ECTS in each of the three semesters, so that your points account will count for at least 90 credit points in total upon successful completion of your master's degree.

Upon successful completion, you start your professional life with the academic degree Master of Arts (M.A.).



In the first two semesters, the following courses are offered from the field of "International Management":

  • International Strategic Management
  • International Projects – Processes and Change Management
  • Intercultural Management & Business Ethics
  • Globalisation & International Value Chain Management

The following courses are held in the "Sustainability" section:

  • General Sustainable Development
  • Environment, Climate Change & Ecology
  • Environmental & Sustainable Economics
  • Corporate Sustainability Management

We also offer electives from the areas of "General Management", "Corporate Responsibility" & "Key Qualifications“, as for example:

  • Corporate Governance, Compliance & CSR
  • Designing Workshops for Sustainable Product Development
  • Organizational & Social Psychology
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Innovation

In the third semester you will attend the course "Service Learning" and write your final thesis including colloquium.

The following diagram gives you an overview of the course of studies:


Course Catalogue and Study Plan

The course catalogue and curriculum contain in particular regulations and information on

  • the learning objectives and contents of the compulsory and optional modules,
  • the learning objectives and contents of the practical semester as well as its form and organisation
  • the type of course in the individual modules, unless conclusively specified in Annex 1,
  • the time allocation of the weekly hours per module and semester,
  • more detailed provisions on course-related credits and attendance certificates, and
  • the elective modules that can be chosen by the students of the course.

Deviations in the module handbook are possible due to the current special situation. Information about the procedure of the modules can be obtained from the respective teachers.

You can download the preliminary course catalogue, the study plan and the study and examination regulations for the International Management & Sustainability Master's program as PDF files:

Timetable / Examination Schedule

In the timetable you will find the current lecture times of the Master's programme in International Management & Sustainability. It lists the lecture times for basic modules, specialization modules, key qualifications and integrative modules in a weekly view. You can also find all timetables in our OTH-AW-App

The examination schedule provides you with all the important information about your upcoming examinations. In the following you can download the current examination schedule (as soon as available) for the Master's Programme.

Study and Examination Regulations

The program is subject to the study and examination regulations, the general examination regulations of the university and the framework examination regulations for all universities of applied sciences in Bavaria. Here you will find the current study and examination regulations of the Master's degree course in International Management & Sustainability.