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Lecture, examination and lecture-free periods

The academic year at the OTH Amberg-Weiden is divided into different sections. Please see the following overview for the exact schedule of the respective semesters:

Summer semester 2022 (15/03/2022 up to 30/09/2022)

Start of the semester Tuesday, 15/03/2022
Lecture period Tuesday, 15/03/2022 up to and including Friday, 08/07/2022
Examination period Saturday, 09/07/2022 up to and including Friday, 29/07/2022
Registration for the exams Monday, 23/05/2022 up to Monday, 13/06/2022
(Attention Binding exam registration for everybody)
Registration for the following semester Tuesday, 05/07/2022 up to and including Thursday, 11/08/2022
Announcement of grades Thursday, 04/08/2022 (online)
Lecture-free periods

Thursday, 14/04/2022 up to and including Tuesday, 19/04/2022 (Easter)

Thursday, 26/05/2022 up to and including Sunday, 29/05/2022 (Ascension Day)

Monday, 06/06/2022 up to and including Tuesday, 07/06/2022 (Pentecost)

Thursday, 16/06/2022 up to and including Sunday, 19/06/2022 (Corpus Christi)

Monday, 01/08/2022 up to and including Friday, 30/09/2022

Winter semester 2022/2023 (01/10/2022 until 14/03/2023)

Start of the semester Saturday, 01/10/2022
Lecture period Tuesday, 04/10/2022 up to and including Friday, 20/01/2023
Examination period Saturday, 21/01/2023 up to and including Tuesday, 14/02/2023
Registration for the exams Tuesday, 13/12/2022 up to and including Monday, 09/01/2023 (Attention: binding exam registration for everyone)
Registration for the following semester Monday, 16/01/2023 up to and including Monday, 27/02/2023
Online announcement of grades Thursday, 23/02/2023 from 6.00 pm
Lecture-free periods

Saturday, 24/12/2022 up to and including Sunday, 08/01/2023 (Christmas)

Wednesday, 15/02/2023 up to and including Tuesday, 14/03/2023

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