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Forms of study

Those who study decide on a specific form of study. Most students at OTH Amberg-Weiden pursue an undergraduate degree and attend classes full-time. This is still the rule today.

But there is no rule without exceptions: The demands of the working world have changed and as a far-sighted university we are reacting to this. That's why you can choose forms of study with us that fit your life planning - and are tailored to the requirements of the economy.

With a dual study programme, you combine academic qualifications with sound practical experience and bring the advantages of academic and vocational training under one roof. Entrepreneurs benefit from highly qualified specialists whose know-how is tailored to their own company - graduates from first-class career prospects.

A part-time degree programme can give you the decisive edge in your professional life and offer new career opportunities.

Full-time study

If you choose to study full-time, you study around 40 hours a week. You concentrate on your degree, attend courses, write papers, prepare for exams.

ind out about our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes.

Dual study programme

A dual study programme is right for you if you want to combine practical training with an academic qualification. At OTH Amberg-Weiden, you can choose between a joint study programme and a study programme with in-depth practical training.

The joint study programme combines a normal Bachelor's degree with regular IHK/HWK training in a company. Depending on the participating company and course of study, a variety of training professions are open to you as a dual student. Studies and vocational training run in parallel.

Or would you like to start directly on a dual track, with studies and practice complementing each other from the very beginning? In this case, the degree programme with in-depth practical training is the right choice. Studies and practical work in the company are coordinated with each other; university periods and professional practice alternate right from the start. You will go through intensive practical phases during which you will get to know your company thoroughly. The strong plus: up to 100 percent more practical experience than in conventional studies. And after just 3.5 years you will have a recognised degree in your pocket.

Find out more about a combined degree programme or a degree programme with in-depth practical training.

Part-time study programme

Are you already in professional life and want to obtain an academic degree? Then opt for a part-time degree programme. This is designed so that it can be completed alongside a professional job. You don't have to stop working or risk a career setback. The part-time study programme is - like the regular full-time study programme - designed as a face-to-face study programme. However, lectures take place in the evenings and at weekends and include modern teaching and learning methods such as virtual lectures and blended learning.

Find out more about part-time study.

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