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Artificial Intelligence – International

[>> Start in the summer semester]

New for the summer semester 2021: Study Artificial Intelligence in an international environment together with students from Germany and abroad. Intensive language courses are just as much a part of the program as an internship semester abroad. Characteristic for the new study program is the bilingual first semester (German & English). Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Science and Programming are the core subjects of the Artificial Intelligence - International program. Another special feature of this degree program: Until the end of May, all lectures in the first semester take place purely online; on-site presence in Amberg does not begin until June.

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Artificial Intelligence

[>> Start in the winter semester]

Become a specialist in the innovative development of intelligent, self-learning applications with a deep understanding of artificial and human intelligence. Develop machine learning techniques from huge amounts of data and solve complex challenges with Artificial Intelligence. Program industrial robots and experiment with the “AI” of computer games. At the third semester, select your AI specialization.

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Artificial Intelligence

[>> Start any semester]

Work on the development of innovative applications. In addition to autonomous driving, AI-supported analysis of data or development of highly efficient algorithms for context recognition via camera and other sensors, the degree program also offers the opportunity to pursue an academic career, e.g. a doctoral degree. Industry, business and universities are possible employers after graduation.

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