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Study programmes

Study location: Weiden

In the Bachelor's programme Digital Business you can choose between the following study programmes:

E-Commerce & Retail-Management

Are you interested in digital business models or strategies in retail, do you want to work in attractive future markets, accompany your company into the digital world and be part of the Internet economy?

We will show you how multi-channel management works, how an e-shop is set up, how digital platforms are managed and how modern web design is successfully implemented. We also provide you with in-depth knowledge of online & retail marketing and practice the use of the most important e-commerce information systems.

Module overview of the study programme

  • E-Shop Management (conversion optimization, web analytics and sales platforms)
  • Online Marketing (digital marketing strategies and instruments)
  • E-Commerce information systems (conception and implementation of online shops)
  • Multi-Channel Management (Project Seminar Enterprise Projects)
  • Web design (conception of websites and web usability)
  • Retail marketing (marketing strategies and instruments in retail)
  • Strategies and business models (strategy development, platforms and digital business models)
  • E-commerce law and IT security (legal foundations and security in digital business)

First hand experience

Christina Göring, Student majoring in E-Commerce & Retail Management

Head of study programme, Study advisor E-Commerce & Retail Management

Hours: nach Vereinbarung (per E-Mail)

Innovation & Process Management

Are you enthusiastic about developing new digital products and business models? Would you like to learn how to operate the business models of an industrial company even more professionally and profitably and create added value for the customer? After your basic business education, we will give you the necessary fine-tuning in the Innovation & Process Management course of studies.

Our main focus is on teaching methods, tools and instruments for work in a practice-oriented manner through joint projects with companies and case studies. To this end, we have put together a curriculum that will give you the skills you need in practice and make you "fit for the outside world".

With us you will learn to work in a structured way, to act successfully in a team and to create value for companies and customers effectively. In our opinion, this also includes optimizing existing products and processes while at the same time researching innovative ideas and developing new products.

First hand experience

Armin Malter, Student

Do you want to know more about the IPM specialization?

Prof. Dr. Matthias Lederer gives you the answers. In the following videos, he informs you about the contents, provides insights into corporate cooperations and practical projects, tells you about teamwork and supervision, and gives you an outlook on your career prospects as a graduate of the Innovation & Process Management specialization.

Subjects and modules (GERMAN)

Job Opportunities (GERMAN)

Practical projects (GERMAN)

Module overview of the study programme

  • Digital Audit (systematic evaluation of business processes)
  • Digital Design (designing and optimizing business development processes)
  • Business Process Management (tools, modeling and automation of business processes)
  • Decision modelling (preparation of decision templates from complex data)
  • Digital Strategies (develop and implement strategies)
  • Operations Management (managing value chains)
  • Digital Story Telling (developing and using digital stories for marketing)
  • Digital Seminar (systematic evaluation of scientific literature)

Study advisor Innovation & Process Management

Hours: nach Vereinbarung (per E-Mail)

Analytics & Data Management

"Data is the oil of the 21st century." and "Knowledge is power." Sentences like these you have certainly heard before. Using data for innovative business models and to improve their own processes is critical to success for companies. Big Data, machine learning and the application of AI are thus becoming key skills to survive in global competition. With us, you will learn how to make profit with data today and how to develop and implement digital business models.

Do you want to use analytics and data management to help companies draw relevant insights from data? Do you want to learn how data becomes knowledge, how machines learn and how the necessary development of software and IT works? Then our Analytics & Data Management course in the Digital Business degree program is right for you.

Module overview of the study programme

  • Digital Business & Information Systems (How to use information systems successfully)
  • Digital Analytics Engineering (How to implement data analysis in practice)
  • Digital Knowledge Management („If Siemens would know what Siemens knows....“)
  • Digital Data Management (How to design databases and implement them with SQL)
  • Digital Venture Development (How to develop a digital start-up)
  • Digital Capstone Project (How to design and implement digital projects as a team)
  • Digital Business Technologies (What to build digital products with)
  • Interactive Programming (How to practically solve problems with coding)

Study advisor Analytics & Data Management

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