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Pre-Selection of Foreign Language (IB) - Vorauswahl der Fremdsprache (IB)

Study location: Weiden

Please select your preferred language that you want to choose as your main focus in your study program International Business in the form below. Please read through the following information thoroughly and consider the respective prerequisites.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic all of your lectures will continue to be taught online.

Only some language courses in small groups will be taught on campus in Weiden, depending on the case infection rate of COVID-19. For that reason, we need to know in advance whether you will be on campus in the summer semester 2021 and which language you decided for. You have the choice between the following 3 options (only one choice is possible):

  • Russian I (= A1. Can only be chosen if your native language is not Russian)  
    on campus (starts online)
  • Czech I (= A1. Can only be chosen if your native language is not Czech)
    on campus (starts online)
  • German I (=B1. Can only be chosen if your native language is not German and if you have proof of German language level A2)
    on campus(starts online) and online (2 courses) via “Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern” (vhb)

Please note that you have to have proof of English B2 by the end of the application period and proof of German A2 by the end of your second semester at the latest, because that is a general prerequisite to be admitted to the study program. If you have not achieved these language levels by the stated deadlines, you will not be allowed to continue with your studies (de-registration)

For your better understanding of the language levels please have a look at the Common European framework of reference for languages:

You have the possibility to take German A1 and A2 courses online at vhb to fulfill the above named requirements. The courses that we accept as well as more information about the language courses and your curriculum can be found in your course catalogue. You will not receive any credits for the German A1 and A2 courses because they are not subjects in your study program, they are a general prerequisite for admission. If you don’t have proof of German A2, the online German A1/A2 courses at vhb have to be taken in your first/second semester (you can start with A2 if you already have A1).

You are supposed to start your compulsory language course in your first/second semester. If you are not able to come to Weiden for the summer semester 2021, you cannot take part in the above named language courses on campus. You can only take part in the online German B1 course at vhb (if you have proof of German A2 of course) but note that you have to take two B1 and two B2 online courses at vhb in order to receive 5 ECTS.

Information about the B1 and B2 vhb courses can also be found in the course catalogue

Further information about your language courses and other courses including your curriculum can be found in the course catalogue.
Please upload your language certificate of German A2 here (if obtained):

Please let us know if you have found a place to stay yet. (Important note: you will not be assigned a place in our student dorms. You have to apply at Studentenwerk.  If there are no apartments available, please look for other (privately owned) options. Use DeepL as translation tool if necessary.

In your personal MyOTH area you will find important documents like your schedule or the course catalogue and further necessary tools for your studies like e.g.

  • PRIMUSS: web portal for download/upload of forms and applications like certificate of enrollment, registration for exams, re-registration for the upcoming semester, etc.
  • Moodle: e-learning platform for online lectures and course material
  • Notice-Board: online platform where important announcements are being posted and sent if you sign up for the IB-newsletter, which we strongly recommend
  • Webmail: student email account where university mails will be sent to (No mails from private mail accounts! Always use your student mail address!)

In order to log in to these tools you need a username and a password which can be found in your application portal under “Account information” as soon as your application is complete. Please change your initial password immediately and remember your new password!

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