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Specialization "Global Procurement and Sales"

Do you like negotiating, do you enjoy selling or is purchasing your passion? Then the "Global Procurement and Sales" specialization is just right for you. Thanks to the basic technical understanding, language and cultural skills you have acquired by the fourth semester, you are ideally suited to further qualify yourself for tasks in global procurement and sales.

The "Global Procurement and Sales" specialization is made up of compulsory specialization subjects, recommended elective modules and optional elective modules. The compulsory specialization subjects are four modules that must be taken. Of the recommended and/or optional elective modules, a total of two must be freely chosen. A practical project can replace one of the two elective modules upon request.

The following is a detailed list of subjects:

Specialization Compulsory Subjects:

    Sales Management
    Logistics I
    Strategic and Operational Purchasing
    Digitalization in purchasing, marketing and sales

Recommended elective modules:

    Logistics II - Material Flow Engineering
    Development & Design
    Business Model Innovation
    Project Management and Agile Methods
    Intercultural Management
    International location and investment planning

Optional elective modules:

    Automation Technology
    Environmental and process engineering
    Energy technology
    Quality Management
    Technology and innovation management
    Factory Planning
    Industrial Engineering II
    Computer Science I
    SAP application development for Logistics 4.0
    Usability Engineering
    Corporate planning and management
    Practical project
    Foreign language 3 (Level I)
    Foreign language 3 (Level II)

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