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Study and work experience

The dual study programme is aimed at prospective students who already want to gain experience in a company during their studies with an above-average willingness to perform and a high level of commitment.

Through an excellent combination of theory and practice, managers are trained who have both the necessary technical/commercial skills and already have extensive practical experience when they start their careers.

Two study models are distinguished within the dual study programme:

  • Composite studies and
  • Study with in-depth practice

hochschule dual: Dual study in Bavaria

Cooperation with vocational schools

In order to ensure an even better process of the combined studies, we cooperate with vocational schools in the university region.

The following cooperations exist for the listed professions (separate classes for dual students):

Vocational School Centre Amberg

State Vocational School Lichtenfels

Vocational school Nabburg

Vocational School Centre Sulzbach-Rosenberg

European Vocational School Weiden

Wiesau Vocational School Centre

General information on dual studies

What is the difference between dual training and dual study?

Dual training is in-company training in a company and at the same time at a vocational school.

The dual study programme is the combination of vocational practice in a company and an academic study programme at the same time. You work and earn money while simultaneously completing a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme.

Dual studies: Opportunities at OTH Amberg-Weiden

You can study all degree programmes at OTH Amberg-Weiden in a dual system.

To do so, you need a company that supports your plan and a degree programme that matches it. You can find existing cooperation and study combinations in our database.

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