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Program Digital Entrepreneurship

Study location: Weiden

Teaching language: German!

You have completed a bachelor's degree and would like to know how to come up with ideas for innovative projects or products? Do you want to start your own start-up or drive forward digital processes and innovations in an existing company?

The new Master's programme in Digital Entrepreneurship provides you with answers to the exciting questions about setting up start-ups, establishing new business units and identifying and implementing innovations (also) in established companies. In addition, you will learn everything you need to know about the digital technologies of the future. Entrepreneurial thinking and acting is the focus of the course. Entrepreneurship (new founders of innovative start-ups), intrapreneurship (entrepreneurial innovators in existing companies), innovation management and digital technologies are central topics of the course. During your studies you will evaluate and design digital processes using your own innovation and start-up projects, learn methods of product development, expand your technological competencies in the field of digitisation and combine these with entrepreneurial skills.

The goal of the master's degree in Digital Entrepreneurship is not only to acquire specialist knowledge but also to develop your personal and management skills in a holistic way. Thus, the course offers you the chance to advance your methodological competence, foundation/innovation competence, social competence and personal development. This will enable you to work profitably in a team and will qualify you to implement innovations and start-up ideas after graduation. 

As a graduate of the Master's programme, you can work as an innovation manager in established companies. You also have the opportunity to actively advance digitization in a global environment as a sought-after specialist. Or you may decide to set up a start-up. You will establish the necessary network during your studies at our university.

Upon successful completion of your studies, you will be awarded the academic degree Master of Arts (M.A.). 


Our network for your future


This study programme in the field of Entrepreneurship Education with a digital focus was initiated from the Grow4Digital joint project in cooperation with the OTH Regensburg, the TH Deggendorf and the University of Regensburg.

Further information about the joint project and the partner universities can be found under Grow4Digital.

Digitale Gründerinitiative Oberpfalz (DGO)

The Digital Start-up Initiative Upper Palatinate (DGO) paves the way for innovative start-ups in the Upper Palatinate. It offers founders support in realizing digital business ideas, services or products. You too can take advantage of the program to exchange ideas, make new contacts - and drive forward the digital start-up culture in the Upper Palatinate together with our university and the DGO.

You can find further information under DGO.

Founder consulting

Do you have a good business idea? Do you want to start your own company? We are happy for you that you want to take this courageous step towards founding a company - and we are here to help you with advice and support. Simply make an appointment with the start-up consulting service at the Ostbayersiche Technische Hochschule Amberg-Weiden (Technical University of Applied Sciences) for competent and individual advice. We will be happy to support you.

You can find more information on the pages of the Founder consulting (in German). 

Job opportunities

Today, digitalization offers an unprecedented number of possibilities, but can also quickly displace a company that has been successful for decades. Anyone who can recognize dangers and drive digital innovation and creativity within the company enjoys excellent prospects on the job market.

As a graduate of the master's degree program in Digital Entrepreneurship, you are one of the visionary employees with ideas for innovative projects and products. Competences in the areas of digital business processes and digital services are more in demand than ever. Not infrequently, the (regional) economy is still chasing the trends of digitalisation.

After successful completion of your studies, you will set the tone in topics such as digital automation, sensor-controlled production, logistics control, Internet of Things and digital hybrid products. With your well-founded scientific and practical education you can score points in many areas in companies. You will be awarded the academic degree Master of Arts (M.A.) - and you will have the necessary tools and methods to set up your own start-up.

Whatever your vision is: you are completely free to choose your employer. After graduating, you will be an independent all-rounder, working in operational company divisions or taking on management functions at top or top management level.


Apply now for the Master's programme Digital Entrepreneurship!
You can apply for a place at the OTH Amberg-Weiden both for the winter semester and for the summer semester.

Application period for the winter semester
For the winter semester starting on October 1, you can apply online from May 1 to July 15. In exceptional cases, we extend the application deadlines of individual degree programs. You can find out whether you can still apply for this degree program in the application portal.

Application period for the summer semester
You can apply online for the summer semester from November 15 to January 15.

More detailed information on application and registration can be found here.

Access and admission requirements

The Master's degree course in Digital Entrepreneurship requires students to pass an aptitude test. You can apply for a study place within the application period at the application portal of the OTH-Amberg-Weiden.

To be admitted to the Master's program in Digital Entrepreneurship, you should fulfill the following requirements (excerpts from §5 and §6 of the study and examination regulations of the program submitted for approval):

§ 5 Admission requirements

(1) Qualification requirements for admission to the Master's degree course in Digital Entrepreneurship are

1. a successfully completed university degree course comprising at least six theoretical study semesters or an equivalent degree, the scope of which normally comprises 210 ECTS credits, but at least 180 ECTS credits

2. 1The university degree in accordance with subsection 1 must have been completed with an overall grade of "good" or better. ²If a conversion of the overall grade is necessary due to differing grading systems, this will be done according to the so-called "modified Bavarian formula" in accordance with the general examination regulations of the East Bavarian Technical University Amberg-Wei-den. We recommend that applicants with a degree from a foreign university submit a letter of recognition of their degree issued by a certified institution (for example, uni-assist) by the end of the application period. 4 The decision on admission to the course of study is made by the examination board. 5 Alternatively, the requirement is also fulfilled by providing evidence that the final grade in the first degree programme falls within the group of the 60% best in the percentile ranking of the degrees of the degree programme at the respective university.

3The proof of the course-specific aptitude according to § 6.

(2) Graduates of a Bachelor's programme with less than 210 (but at least 180) ECTS credits have the opportunity to prove their lack of theoretical competence by successfully completing modules from the basic study programme offered by the East Bavarian Technical University Amberg-Weiden. ²If credits are missing at the beginning of the course of study, the examination board determines the additional study and examination achievements to be achieved, which have to be proven within one year after starting the course of study. 4 Missing practical competences can be proven by practical work that meets the requirements of the practical semester in the undergraduate courses of study.

(3) 1Applications for admission to the Master's programme for a course of study beginning in the summer semester must be submitted to the university by 15 January of the year in question, and by 15 July of the year in question for a course of study beginning in the winter semester. ²The university may extend these deadlines if necessary.

(4) 1Applicants for the Master's programme, who at the time of the application deadline for the Master's programme are not yet able to present an overall examination result, but who can credibly demonstrate a successful first degree by the start of the Master's programme, will be admitted to the programme under the condition that they present the necessary evidence within one year of starting the programme. ²The credibility of the degree is based on the presentation of a no-ten proof (e.g. Transcript of Records), which certifies the completion of all study achievements required for the successful completion of the course of studies.

(5) Applicants who have neither obtained a first degree nor the university entrance qualification in German must provide proof of sufficient knowledge of German in accordance with § 3, paragraph 3 of the Statute on the Enrolment Procedure of the East Bavarian Technical University.

(6) If an applicant is not admitted, he/she will be informed in writing, stating the reasons. ²A renewed application is only possible twice and at the earliest in the following application period. Admission remains valid until a substantial change in the course of study is made.

§ 6 Proof of course-specific suitability

(1) The prerequisite for participation in the aptitude procedure is the timely and complete submission of the required application documents in due form and form.

2) The successful submission of a written essay is required as proof of suitability for the specific course of study. The selection committee shall determine the organisational framework and the deadline for submission and submission.
The essay shall deal with the three subject areas:

Digital Technologies,
Company foundation,
are specifications for the essay:

The essay must be written in German and contain a minimum of 1 800 and a maximum of 2 500 words.
The topic includes a case analysis, which requires a good basic knowledge of the three topics mentioned.
The essay will take two weeks to complete from the date of publication. The thesis must be submitted online to the Faculty of Business Administration before the end of the editing period.
Sources and aids consulted must be indicated.
A form has to be enclosed confirming that the essay was written independently.
In the evaluation of the essay, the subject areas under no. 1 to 2 are included in the point evaluation according to § 6 paragraph 3 at 25% each, the subject area under no. 3 at 20%.

(3) 1The results of the essay in accordance with Para. 2 and the final grade of the first degree course are used as the basis for a differentiated evaluation with points. ²A total of 100 points can be achieved, 70 points from the essay and 30 points from the first degree course. Passing the aptitude test requires at least 65 points to be achieved. 4 The final grade of the first degree course is converted into points as follows: 0 points are awarded for the grade 4.0 and 30 points are awarded for the grade 1.0. 5For every tenth better than the grade 4.0, 1 point is awarded.

4) 1If the applicant achieves the result "not passed" in the aptitude procedure, the application is possible at a further date. ²A third application is excluded. 3The result of the aptitude procedure for the respective Master's programme will be communicated in writing.

(5) Proof of suitability for the specific course of study is provided for applicants who have completed their relevant first degree with an overall grade of "better than 1.3" or who are demonstrably among the top 10% of the graduates of their course of study.

(6) 1The aptitude procedure is carried out by a selection committee consisting of two professors appointed by the Faculty Council of the respective faculty and the appointed chairman-member of the Master's examination board. The members of the selection committee appoint a chairperson from among their number. The term of office of the members of the Selection Committee is three years, re-appointment is permitted. 4 The Women's Representative of the respective faculty may participate in the selection committee in an advisory capacity.

First hand experience

Hear what our students have to say about the program:

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Max Kaiser - Student

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