Teaching language: German !  ← Level C1.1 required at the beginning of studies

Not suitable if bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering without additional qualifications in business administration and integrative skills e.g. logistics or factory planning.

The interdisciplinary master's program in Industrial Engineering - Digital Engineering & Management focuses on a current and future megatrend: the digitalization of operational processes in terms of the advancement of „Industry 4.0”. You will learn about technological and methodological approaches to integrating processes and components into the value chain through digitalized information flows to achieve higher efficiency. In addition to teaching the technical fundamentals, we also strive to make learning  tangible, for example by using of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and by including practical operational examples as well as business games and project work.

This program does not require a previous degree in Computer Science. Instead, as a consecutive course, it is primarily designed for graduates of a bachelor's program in Industrial Engineering or similar bachelor's programs with a mix of technical and business content. In the case of a purely technical pre-study, such as mechanical engineering, additional business (40 ECTS) and integrative (20 ECTS) qualifications must be proven or there must be a willingness to catch up on these in parallel with the master's program.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded the academic degree "Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)".

By choosing this degree program, you will be well-equipped for optimizing the operational value chain through digitalization approaches !