„Rechte bleiben nur Papier, wenn sie nicht genutzt werden“ (Hermann Hesse)

Inclusion is a very important subject for the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Amberg-Weiden, which is why equal treatment was embedded in the university's mission statement. In the target agreements of the "audit familiengerechte Hochschule" (2014-2017), inclusion was integrated as part of the "expansion of diversity management to support a diverse student body and workforce with special consideration of health impairments". Activities in this regard include examining leeway for expanding exam periods, developing solutions for part-time internships, integrating into buddy or mentoring programs, and integrating diversity issues into education. But special personal and family circumstances are also taken into account when awarding the Deutschlandstipendium.

More detailed information about inclusion in the philosophy of the OTH AW can be found in our inclusion brochure.