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Current information

Collection campaign for obsolete and defective appliances

Almost everyone has them at home: appliances that are outdated or defective. What to do with them?

The library collects all types of mobile phones, smartphones or tablets - including accessories (power supply unit, charging cable, headset). The condition of the devices does not matter: both functioning and defective devices can be handed in.

The collection boxes can be found in the foyer in Amberg and in the copy room in Weiden.

The library is supporting NABU's "Mobile phones for bumblebees, bees and co." campaign. Old devices are professionally dismantled and, where possible, reactivated so that the valuable raw materials they contain are not lost. The funds generated are channelled into insect protection.

Join in and take part in the campaign. Small effort for you - big impact for the environment!

Attention: Construction work in the Amberg library

The library will have an escape staircase, as the emergency exit no longer meets current safety regulations. An escape door with a staircase leading outside will be installed in one of the carrels in the gallery.

As a result, there will be noise disturbances and possibly cool temperatures in the reading room in the days from 13.11.23 - 15.11.23 because the outer wall has to be broken through.

In all probability, we will maintain the previous opening hours because the counter area is partitioned off. The reading room can be used, but the quality of the visit will temporarily suffer as a result of the construction work.
The 24-hour opening hours will remain as usual during this time.

We ask for your understanding for these temporary disruptions.

Attention: Construction work in the Amberg library

Library for "Erstis"- library introductions for the new semester

How do I get e-books? How does the 24-hour library work? How does the lending process work? How do I find suitable literature for my lectures?

All these questions are answered in our library introductions!

You can choose between appointments on site or virtually via BigBlueButton:

On site in our libraries with the app Actionbound (in German and English): 

Still possible on request, please ask at the counter for an appointment.


Virtual via BigBlueButton:

Wednesday 3:45 p.m.
with this link:
(without registration, just click on the link on the desired date!)

Still possible upon request, if required please send an e-mail to!

Our first package for NABU has been put together

Over 8 kilos, around 100 old devices go to the recycling collection point for the NABU campaign "Cell phones for bumblebees, bees and co".

The non-profit GmbH AfB (work for people with disabilities) checks and sorts the incoming donations to see if the devices can be broken down into raw materials or recycled. The money from the NABU cell phone collection goes to insect protection.

And we collect even more: old or broken cell phones, smartphones, tablets, power adapters, charging cables, headsets... Anything that is lying around at home, is no longer used, but can be sensibly recycled here (except for official devices).

You can find our NABU cell phone collection box in Amberg in the foyer of the library and in Weiden in the copy room.

Support the NABU collection campaign!

Save resources and support NABU (Nature and biodiversity conversation union) project with cell phone recycling!

NABU and Telefónica Deutschland Group have been working together on environmental protection since 2011. Every year, Telefonica donates a fixed sum to NABU for the collected cell phones, which flows into the NABU insect protection fund.

Join in and hand in old or defective cell phones, smartphones, charging cables and power supply units (except official devices) in the NABU collection box. You will find them in the foyer in Amberg and in the copy room in Weiden.

Read the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" online

A permanent access to the german Süddeutsche Zeitung archive (Library Net) is now available to all university members.

What's inside?

  •     Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany, Bavaria and Munich editions) from 1992 to the daily news
  •     SZ county editions from 1994
  •     SZ supplements like SZ Magazin, jetzt, SZ für Kinder

How does it work?

  •     Campus-wide activation for all OTH members
  •     Access from outside via VPN (please use VPN Forticlient!)
  •     thematic search or search by date (via "calendar")
  •     Download and print

Any more questions?
Feel free to contact us via e-mail to!

Going green@your library - more sustainability on campus

Going green@your library - join in! Your contribution counts, too!


Scan first: scan for free with our Bookeye instead of paying for copying (saves money and paper).

Use our greaseproof paper tray and deposit faulty or superfluous printouts here.

In our recycling station we collect with your help

  •    deposit bottles for Africa ( - Technology without Borders) -only in Amberg
  •     empty batteries
  •     old CDs, CD-Roms and DVDs –only in Amberg
  •     new until Christmas: Campaign "Mobile phones for bumblebee, bee &Co". Dispose of your old devices (cell phone, smartphone, tablet, power supply, charging cable, headset) in our collection box and support an environmental protection project of NABU. 
    More info at

APA PsycArticles

After the successful trial access to the journals of the APA (American Psychological Association), we are now able to offer the database permanently thanks to financial support from the Weiden Business School.

The database is offered on the platform of EBSCO. Convenient, since we have also licensed the Business Source Elite for business here, as well as numerous e-books from many disciplines.

How does it work?
Students and employees in the university network or from outside via VPN (VPN Forticlient only!) can access the database via this link: to search APA PsycArticles
After the search you will get a hit list, which you may already know from other databases of ours (e.g. the EBSCO Business Source). For each hit you can click on "PDF Fulltext" either directly in the hit list or in the single hit view. Please note: the PDF is usually downloaded immediately and not opened in the browser. You will find it saved in the downloads of your PC.

Access to the digital books of the Herdt publishing house

The e-books of the Herdt publishing house are accessible. This is one of the market leaders for teaching and learning materials for IT competence and a cooperation partner of the RRZN (Regional Computing Centre for Lower Saxony). Numerous RRZN publications have been produced in cooperation with the publishing house.

What's inside?

  • Approx. 850 e-books on over 500 IT topics
  • Digital supplementary media for many books such as learning videos, exercises, knowledge tests, etc.

How does it work?

  • Campus-wide activation for all OTH members
  • Remote access via VPN
  • Topic search
  • Overview of content under "Favourites" on the entry page (scroll down!)
  • Download and printing

New german online journal "Physician Assistant"

From now on, students and employees of the OTH AW have online access to the german journal "Physician Assistant" via the following link in the university network and via VPN: journal "Physician Assistant"

Please use only the VPN Forticlient to access the journal from outside the university.

Some more information about the usage:

The journal is only available in German.

To view archived issues, you need to activate the slider at "archived only" in the top bar.

You can also create a personal account (by clicking on the "Log in" button), with this you can, among other things:

  • create/edit/delete bookmarks
  • mark text passages in different colors
  • add pictures, sound recordings or comments to selected text passages
  • Use the extensive search function, e.g. full text search or web search.

You can also use the platform without a personal account, you only need to be logged into the university network/VPN to access the content.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about this online journal.

New York Times online

Haven't you always wanted to read the prestigious New York Times and keep up with daily news from around the world? We now provide it!

Read the Times either via the VPN client or install the newspaper as an app on your smartphone or tablet. This will allow you to read the Times outside of the campus network.

How to access via the mobile app:

  •     Create a free account at using your OTH email address.
  •     Click on the link in the confirmation email.
  •     Download the NYTimes mobile app at:
  •     If they see the "Start your access" screen, your installation was successful



NWB Tax and Studies

From now on you have access to the module "Tax and Studies" " of the NWB-Verlag. The online database for prospective tax professionals offers specialist articles from the renowned journal NWB Steuer und Studium and the exam training course Steuer-Repetitor online .
Tax and Studies

The database is activated campus-wide and accessible from outside via the VPN-Client (unfortunately the VPN web portal does not work here).

information sheet on e-books

How do I find e-books in OPAC? How can I access e-books from home? How do I download e-books?

All these questions – and many more – are summarized in our new information handout. In individual steps, the functions in the OPAC regarding e-books and also the VPN access are explained here.

Curious? Download here directly: information handout e-books

Individual research support via video conference

Are you writing your bachelor, master or project thesis and need support with literature research and citation? We are also there for you in the Corona crisis!

Arrange your individual consultation appointment and you will find it easier to find your way through the jungle of databases, e-books and Google Scholar.

Please contact Ms Monika Pastuska by mail ( to make an appointment.

The locker rental service in Amberg starts!

From Monday, 20.01.2020 you can rent a locker in the Amberg Library.

How? Just get a key at the counter and have it booked there. With the key you open your locker and insert the yellow chip before closing. The key can also be returned at the counter.

For how long? 4 weeks with two extensions (like books)
A reminder fee is due if the loan period is exceeded.

What happens if keys are lost?
Unfortunately, it gets really expensive, because you have to pay at least 50 €. We will only know the current prices in February. So it is better to watch out for them.

Please do not keep any perishable food in it! We cannot accept any liability.

Hanser eLibrary via VPN

Due to increased enquiries here an information about Hanser eLibrary:

This can only be accessed externally via the Windows FortiClient VPN and not via the VPN web portal, as the Hanser platform and the web portal do not match in terms of data technology.

The VPN client that you should install on your PC/laptop is always the better choice, which provides reliable results. The web portal is an additional tool that does not work with every database.

E-Book offer from de Gruyter

On the de Gruyter platform you can access the e-book offerings of the publishers de Gruyter, Birkhäuser, Oldenbourg, Transcript and Harvard University Press.

Over 30,000 titles in German and English from all relevant subject areas may be read, printed and stored. Download is only possible chapter by chapter.

Access is possible via the campus network, for members of the OTH via the VPN client also from outside the university network. You do not need a login, but can start a search directly!

Initially, the programme will run until the end of March 2020, after which the best-used e-books will be permanently acquired for our stock. In case of good use, we will consider an extension.


NEW: Information sheets with instructions for OPAC and interlibrary loan

How do I order a book? Where can I renew my account? And how does an article order via interlibrary loan actually work?

All these questions - and many more - are summarised in compact form in our information sheets, which you can download here on the website under "Search and Find". In individual steps the functions of the local catalogue as well as the interlibrary loan of books or articles in copy are explained here.




Have you become curious? Have a look here directly:

Information handout OPAC Weiden
Information handout OPAC Amberg

Information handout Interlibrary loan

Information handout Odering articles via ILL

Of course, the library team will also be happy to explain the procedures personally and help with any further problems. Please feel free to contact us!

NEW: Powerbanks for rent

Recently we have Powerbanks with USB cable for rent!

The external batteries with a capacity of
20,000 mAh have 2 USB ports
and an LED display.

Loan period: 14 days, extension if necessary

Please return the goods only at the counter and do not throw them into the return container!

Mass download of e-books at Springer

According to the publisher Springer, there was an unusually high download rate of e-books, particularly on 10 and 11 March, which far exceeded the usual level.

The culprit has been identified and will face consequences.

We expressly draw attention to this fact:

  • The generous use of Springer e-books (download of the entire book) does not include the right to a mass download, neither manually nor with technical aids such as crawlers (spider, robot).
  • The transfer of electronic full texts to third parties is strictly prohibited. The texts may only be used for own scientific purposes.
  • Should unusually high download numbers suggesting misuse be repeated, the publisher will block access at least temporarily, which will affect all users. The publisher shall keep an eye on the usage figures at all times.



FAQs on copyright in university teaching

An up-to-date guide to copyright issues in everyday university life is available at

On 01.03.18, the new copyright law with new regulations in the field of science and teaching comes into force.

Prof. Dr. jur. Achim Förster, LL.M. (Indiana) from the University of Würzburg-Schweinfuhrt has published a collection of questions and answers on his website.

The text is available under CC-BY-ND and may be redistributed under attribution.

Tip: On the last four pages of the PDF you will find a summary of short answers to questions!

Opening Hours

The library team is happy to take care of your concerns regarding books, e-books and databases. The counter is always manned during opening hours. During the semester break (usually 15 February - 14 March and 01 August - 30 September) the opening hours are reduced. Please also see the section  Current Information.

Department Amberg

Current opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Department Weiden

Current opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.

24h Library

A special service is available for university members. With an activated chip card, you have 24-hour access to your library in Amberg and Weiden. No matter whether you use the library as a place of learning or urgently need to borrow a particular book from our stock, both are available 24 hours a day.

Please ask the library team what you need to know when using the library outside opening hours. To activate your chip card, you must attend an introductory event at both locations. External users (including former students) cannot access the library outside opening hours. This service is only available to fully enrolled students at OTH Amberg-Weiden, members of the teaching staff and employees. For security and legal reasons, the library rooms are video monitored at this time.

The following services are not available outside opening hours:

  • Collection of reserved or ordered books
  • Advice from the library staff
  • Payment of reminder fees
  • Activation or issue of a library card


Team / Contact


Dipl.-Bibl. Christina Michel

deputy director

B.A. Lena Fischer

Staff in Amberg

Dipl.-Bibl. Christina Michel

Wiss.Bib. Monika Pastuska

Staff in Weiden

B.A. Lena Fischer

Dipl.-Bibl. (FH) Monika Eichinger

Lisa-Marie Neidhardt