Quality in Study and Teaching - Successful System Accreditation of OTH Amberg-Weiden

What do we actually mean by "quality"? Quality is a joint effort that thrives on the commitment and participation of as many members of our university as possible. Quality is something lively. It must adapt to a constantly changing environment, away from routines and habits. Our understanding of quality is based on setting goals, observing them, questioning them, and tracking how the goal is achieved.

The most important goal in the area of academic studies and teaching is to ensure the academic success of our students. This means for us, that we support our students from the beginning starting with the selection of their course of study and familiarize them with their academic studies (or educational goals). We want to give them an excellent, practice-oriented education as a starting capital for their professional life.

Since 28.03.2017, our university has been allowed to call itself a system-accredited university.

How does our quality of teaching present itself? It appears, when our graduates excel in their careers based on a great education, when companies prefer to hire our graduates, when alumni/alumnae recommend "their" university.

In order to achieve these goals to the best extend possible, we have established a quality assurance system and regularly review the framework conditions and processes at our university and also take a critical look at our academic programs time and again.