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Innovation and Competence Center Artificial Intelligence (IKKI)

The strategic goal of the Innovation and Competence Center Artificial Intelligence  is to bundle and network AI expertise at the university and beyond, to promote transfer to companies in the region, and to strengthen the working and research conditions for a broad base of users in the field of artificial intelligence.

The tasks of the Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Competence Center are:

  • Conducting information events and networking meetings with a focus on AI
  • Initiation and support of cooperations with research institutions and companies
  • Development of proofs of concepts and demonstrators
  • Organization of consulting and training on AI topics
  • Technical support in the acquisition or application, implementation, documentation and publication of results of transfer and research projects in the field of artificial intelligence
  • IKKI Incub-AI-tor: Laboratory/office for the support of student start-up projects in the field of AI with focus on the technical aspects such as testing of innovative AI processes

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automations institut amberg

At aia automations institut, a team of engineers and computer scientists makes the latest university research available to industry and small and medium-sized enterprises. As an affiliated institute of the East Bavarian Technical University, we are constantly working on research projects that are implemented in state-of-the-art technologies for customers of the aia automations institut.

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Team Automotive

In the context of research in the field of automated driving, the Automotive team is working on various EU-funded projects in cooperation with European and international partners from research and industry.

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