Innovative Learning Place AWARD

In 2019, the concept of the Innovative Learning Places could already look back on 5 years of its successful introduction. Building on the first ILO agreements in July 2014, we have been able to expand the circle of Innovative Learning Places to currently 18 in recent years, combined with a variety of event formats in teaching and studying that have been implemented and are already in the planning stage.

We have taken this as an opportunity to launch the ILO AWARD. Each year, an outstanding initiative in connection with the Innovative Learning Places, which is implemented in the course of the tender year, is to be honored and promoted. The project can take place within a diverse framework that corresponds to the ILO idea and also to the individual ILO cooperation agreements. Conceivable are, for example, one-day or multi-day events, seminars, summer/winter schools and overall formats in study and teaching with students in the broadest sense.

Innovative Learning Place AWARD 2019

In 2019, we presented the Innovative Learning Place AWARD for the first time. The winning project was the Indo-German Summer / Winter School, which Prof. Frank Späte is conducting with his students, the Renewable Energy Centre Mithradham - our Learning Place in India - and a local partner university.

In this project, Indian and German students meet for one week each in India and Germany. They then work together on projects concerning renewable energies, energy-efficient buildings and sustainable village development.

Innovative Learning Place AWARD 2020

The Innovative Learning Place AWARD 2020 goes to Schmitz Magazine. A magazine published by Prof. Dr. Michael Thiermeyer together with students of the OTH Amberg-Weiden.

In its 10th anniversary issue, Schmitz Magazin will publish a large portrait section with emotional and personal stories about the unique concepts of the Innovative Learning Places.

The goal is to give all participants the opportunity to share their very own experiences and opinions to showcase the uniqueness and added value of the ILOs.

More info to follow soon ...