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Development of an automotive inverter system

On 2011 November 1st began a complete new development of an inverter for the electric racing car of the Running Snail Racing Team, headed by Prof. Frenzel. The aim is to reduce the inverter's weight and volume significantly, while maintaining high reliability and availability. The new power electronics unit is a DC link converter with a DC voltage of 600 V. The nominal power switch is an IGBT bridge from Infineon (150 A / 1,2 kV), which is controlled by an isolated PLD. To avoid interference with the acquisition of the measured signals such as motor currents or rotation angle,  the PLD additionally acts as a synchronous timer to operate as the only NMI master in the system. The interrupt system triggers the self-written operating system of the digital signal processor, on which the control algorithms such as the digital current controllers based on the principle of field orientation (d / q-control) are scheduled.

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