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Launch KOMO / 13.-14.12.2018

The OTH Amberg-Weiden – Technical University of Applied Science - is located in the east of Bavaria, close to the Czech border. Therefore, since our foundation in 1994 we have considered ourselves as the Bavarian contact for Universities in central and eastern Europe. Today, we are very proud of various cooperations in the fields of teaching and applied research with university partners in the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine etc. Consequently, we applied in 2017 to become a Competence Center for Central and Eastern Europe and are delighted to announce that we were successful. Thus, we want to celebrate this event with our partners in central and eastern Europe with a two day workshop dealing with university cross-border cooperation in order to extend and strengthen our network in CEE further.

Galerie vom Launch des Kompetenzzentrums Bayern - Mittel- und Osteuropa

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