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Here you can find frequently asked questions concerning our study program International Business.

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Unfortunately, some links are only available in German. If you enter websites which are not translated to English, we recommend using https://www.deepl.com/en/translator as a translation tool.

For all concerns please use the e-mail address welcome@oth-aw.de.
(If necessary, your questions will be forwarded to the respective person of contact (POC). You can also find the respective person of contact (POC) at the end of each question)

Questions concerning my application

(POC: Kathrin Forster)
The application has to be done online by following the instructions in application system Primuss

(POC: Kathrin Forster)​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​You can check the status of your application in your personal account after you have registered. Please make sure you remember your login dates.

(POC: Kathrin Forster)
​​​​​​​The application has to be done online by following the instructions in application system Primuss.

(POC: Kathrin Forster & Uni-assist)​​​​​​​
All international applicants (including citizens of EU-member states) who have not obtained their higher education entrance qualification (i.e. secondary-school leaving certificate) in Germany must have their credentials reviewed and approved by uni-assist. Please note that it can take up to several weeks until you receive your VPD (Vorprüfungsdokumentation = necessary document for your application). After having received or while waiting for your VPD you can apply at OTH Amberg-Weiden and upload your documents in Primuss.

(POC: Kathrin Forster & Uni-assist)
Even if you already have a VPD from another university, you still have to apply for a VPD specifically for OTH Amberg-Weiden.

(POC: Kathrin Forster)
If you are from a non-EU-member-state, you need to apply for a visa at the German embassy in your home country. Please note that it can take up to several weeks until you receive your visa. Make sure that you apply early.

(POC: Prof. Dr. Gabriele Murry, Theresa Schreiber)
General requirements can be found at the website how-to-apply. Information about requirements for our study program International Business can be found at the can be found on the pages "Access and admission restrictions" of the programme

(POC: Prof. Dr. Gabriele Murry, Kathrin Forster)
The examination board will decide whether your language skills as well as other qualifications are adequate, or if you need to submit further certificates. Language certificates and other necessary documents have to be uploaded in the application system Primuss. Proof of English B2 can be submitted by the end of your first semester at the latest. Proof of German A2 can be submitted after your first year at the latest. Information about requirements for our study program International Business can be found can be found on the pages "Access and admission restrictions" of the programme

One of the following English language tests with minimum scores as indicated will be sufficient:

  • TOEFEL IBT - 71
  • IELTS Cambridge - 6
  • TOEIC – 780

Please always use the application system PRIMUSS and do not send your certificates via e-mail in advance.

(POC: Kathrin Forster)
​​​​​​​This is a non-NC (numerus clausus) degree program that does not require tuition payment by neither national nor international students. There is no tuition fee, you only have to pay 52€ per semester for administrative matters (student identity card etc.).

(POC: Kathrin Forster)
Unfortunately, we do not provide a semester ticket for public transport. However, you do get a discount in some (public) institutions like e.g. swimming pool.

(POC: Studentenwerk Oberfranken)
If you fulfil the requirements, you can apply for BAföG (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz). You can find information on the website of the Studentenwerk.

Questions concerning the study program:

As many of you cannot enter Germany on time for the winter semester (starting Oct. 1), all courses will offer the possibility to participate online. We plan to fully return to campus in March 2022 when the summer term begins.

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)
​​​​​​​General information concerning your studies at OTH Amberg-Weiden and International Business can be found in the Moodle course „International Business – General Information”. After the login with your login dates which you receive after enrolment you can get access to this course. If you have general questions in advance you can contact our Faculty Assistant Theresa Schreiber or our Study und Career Service

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)
You can find information about the study program and the relevant courses on our homepage, in the module handbook or in the timetable.  

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)
​​​​​​​You can find information about the study program and the relevant courses on our homepage, in the module handbook or in the timetable.  

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)
​​​​​​​We use the learning management system MoodleAfter the login with your login dates which you will receive after enrolment you can get access to your courses and the respective lecture material.

Questions concerning life in Germany:

(POC: Felicitas Langowski & Andreas Schaller)
Yes. Please contact our Health Insurance Officer, Mr. Schaller, from Techniker Krankenkasse (cc). He will assist you in taking out health insurance. You may as well apply online. If you want to take out a full package with TK's partner Expatrio, follow this link https://www.expatrio.com/

(POC: Felicitas Langowski & Andreas Schaller)
You are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week.

(POC: Dr. Annabelle Wolff & Studentenwerk Oberfranken)
You can find accommodations, which are only 5 minutes walking distance from the university. Please note that in Germany, accommodation in student halls of residence is not automatically granted upon admission to a degree program. Please make your own arrangements for accommodation and, above all, make sure you make them in good time.

Questions concerning the languages:

(POC: Marian Mure)
No. The proof of A2 German, which is a criteria of immatriculation hast to be acquired externally.

(POC: Marian Mure, Theresa Schreiber)
No, but you may take exams through either:
- Telc A2 (can also be taken in Germany through Volkshochschulen (vhs))
- Goethe Zertifikat A2 (in just about any capitals worldwide)
- ÖSD A2

All of those certificates listed above are recognized through our university.

(POC: Theresa Schreiber, Marian Mure)
​​​​​​​No, you will not receive credits for the A2 vhb-course and it is not accepted as proof of German A2 knowledge for completing your immatriculation documents. For that you need certificates from recognized institutes like, Goethe, telc or ösd.

(POC: Theresa Schreiber, Marian Mure)​​​​​​​
Czech (A1 – B1.1)

Russian (A1 – B1.1)

German (B1 – B2)

(POC: Marian Mure)
No. You need the knowledge of A2 German. In this case you must decide between Czech and Russian if you want to complete your studies within the 7 semesters. You can also do German A2 first and start with German B1.1 in a higher semester. This might cause a delay in your studies. Please have a look at the information about foreign language choice in your course catalogue.

(POC: Marian Mure)
Proof of an A2 knowledge of German is a prerequisite to enroll in German B 1.1. This is necessary in order to ensure a homogenous level of German, so that the class can progress as planned.

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)
The study program International Business was funded by the Bavarian Free State on the basis that it has a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe. The Czech Republic and Russia are very important economic partners for Bavaria and Germany and there is demand for people with an intercultural expertise of these countries from many enterprises.

Please note: Educational residents of the respective foreign language (e.g.: graduates of the Czech school-leaving examination in the Czech Republic or the German A-levels (Abitur) at the German School Prague) are not allowed to take this language as a foreign language. This adheres also to Russian or German native speakers regarding the respective language course.

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)
No, you can start without any knowledge of these languages.

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)
​​​​​​​You need to select one of the three language electives and follow your electives for four semesters, so that you reach the target level. If you want to change your chosen language, it is possible to do that once. Please be aware that it might cause a delay in your studies which is why it is not recommended. If you want to change your language a second time, it is only possible if the examination board agrees in justified exceptional cases.

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)
You can start later, but this will mean that you will need the extra time/semesters to finish your studies. Also bear in mind that you will be somewhere else for your practical semester. Ideally, you should have completed the language modules before the practical semester.

(POC: Theresa Schreiber, Marian Mure)
No, but you will be able to re-sit all the missed exams, once you are in Germany as part of the next exam period. Bare in mind that most exams of the vhb (virtuelle Hochschule Bayern) also only take place in presence.

(POC: Marian Mure)
Due to the current pandemic situation some lecturers will offer to stream their presence classes, so those, who are still abroad can follow the lectures. Please check with your lecturer, if they offer this possibility.

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)

No, it is not allowed to start a higher language level if you haven't passed the previous level. It is also not allowed to take two language levels at the same time.

(POC: Theresa Schreiber, Marian Mure)
This depends. You cannot get credits for mere certificates, as these do not show a grade, comparable workload, all four language skills nor credit points. What might be possible to accredit are courses taken at other universities. The exam commission will decide in consultation with the respective language lecturer if these courses can be accredited. If you are planning a study abroad (i.e. Erasmus) it is best to check this beforehand via an Erasmus Learning Agreement.

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)

You are allowed to take additional language courses like Chinese, French, etc. These language courses can be accredited as Soft Skill Modules (according to the specific regulations which can be found in the course catalogue). 

Please note that educational residents of the respective language are not allowed to take these courses, e.g. if you are French or if you have graduated in a French school or already have previous knowledge of French on a higher level, you are not allowed to participate in a French course for starters.

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