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In a Nutshell - My Online Sudies at ICMS

A memorable experience I do not want to miss

| Virginia Kluge | Australien Virginia Kluge

Putting my experience of the three months in a nutshell, the online studies have been an opportunity I do not want to miss. Especially in these hard times of the pandemic, I am so grateful for having been able to take part in a study-abroad programme.

For me it was so interesting to get to know a different way of studying compared to the prevalent one here in Germany. The studies were very interactive and practice oriented. Our final grade covers three different projects. The projects were structured in such a way that we were able to put the theoretical content into practice immediately. What I personally enjoyed about the marketing projects and different assignments was that you could get in touch with your fellow students that live all around the world. When working with them I was inspired by many different opinions and thoughts. Particularly in the projects, you could get very creative and give your fancy full scope.

Even though I could not be on site physically, I was feeling welcome and never needed to worry about anything, due to being well looked after by the lecturer. As we were quite a small group of students, she made sure that everyone was involved in class and stood by to give advice and support at all times.

Thanks a lot to the OTH Amberg-Weiden, their International Office and International Student Office for making this possible! Owing to the scholarship, I have been able to gather experiences that have definitely strengthened my decision to go abroad as soon as the pandemic is over.

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  1. Helena Huyer, am 12.03.2021
    Dear Virigina,

    It is nice to hear that you had a great time during your online studies at ICMS! :)
    I really hope you can go abroad soon! Fingers crossed!

    If you are also interested in studying online or hopefully soon on campus at ICMS I am happy to support you with the organisation and application for your studies abroad.
    For further information check our website: https://www.international-student-office.org/en/study-in-australia/icms/

    Kind regards,
    Helena Huyer from the International Student Office

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