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Thoroughly Enjoyed My Online Studies at ICMS

It was hard getting up early

| Ariane Hornela Watat | Australien Ariane Hornela Watat

Online studies have always been one of my dreams since I started University in my country. This was mainly because I wanted to feel how people or students from all over the world can actually communicate and share their different perspectives on a topic, regardless of their different locations.

I can say one of my dreams was being realised during my online studies at ICMS. One of the most fabulous and interesting things was the lecturer. That is, he had a perfect way of giving out his lessons. I would say that it was more practical than theoretical. My first day before class was really tiring because I had to get up at 2am due to time differences, but after this first class I was always excited to get up. The interaction was just perfect, especially between the lecturer and the students. The class was more participative than just front-of-class teaching. Our opinions were being considered during each and every topic. Moreover, more practical examples were being given, not just theory. One of the most interesting part during my whole online lessons at ICMS was that the lecturer always tried to compare the theory with the practice as it is applied in companies. This comparison actually gave us a broad view into and an understanding of the fact that practice is sometimes way more different than just mere theory.

I highly recommend that other students try the online studies at ICMS. I’m sure they will never regret or even be discouraged to get up even at a 1am for lectures.

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