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Exchange Students

Would you like to study with us for one or two exchange semesters? This is only possible if there is a partnership between your university and ours. You can find out whether such a partnership exists at the International Office of your home university.

First of all, your university must nominate you for an exchange program with us. The nomination is made by the International Office of your university. After your university has nominated you, you will receive a confirmation of your nomination and a link to the online registration in the "Mobility Online" portal.

Watch this tutorial to find out how to apply via "Mobility Online".

In the portal you enter your personal data and upload your application documents. Finally, you enter the modules you wish to take during your studies at our university and create your Learning Agreement. As soon as your Learning Agreement has been approved by both universities, there is nothing to stop you from studying with us.

Application deadlines:

31 May for the winter semester and 30 November for the summer semester.

For detailed information about our institution regarding contacts, grading scheme etc., please see our Institutional Fact Sheet.

An International Student Identity Card (ISIC) may also be helpful during your stay. The ISIC entitles you to discounts on flights, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment all around the world.


To participate in an exchange program with our instiution, you have to be enrolled in one of our partner institutions.

The language requirement for participation in our German-taught degree programs is German B2. If you want to study in one of our English-taught programmes, you have to have English skills at the level B2. We also recommend German skills A2 so that you are able to get along well in Germany.

We offer two English-taught programs

as well as one bilingual program

The Language Center of OTH offers extra-curricular language courses in German, English, Spanish and further languages.

Students from the Schengen region (Europe) do not need a visa for entering Germany. Exchange students from non-European countries have to apply for a student visa and a blocked account for the duration of their stay.

Exchange students in Germany have to have a valid health insurance. Students from EU-member states who have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) do not have to take out statutory health insurance in Germany. If you have a private health insurance from your home country, you have to apply for exemption from the statutory health insurance with any public health insurance provider in Germany. If the German health insurance provider does not recognize your private insurance, you have to take out health insurance for students. The costs are approx. 110 Euros.

We have reserved places in the student dorm for our exchange students. But please do not forget to apply for your place.

To apply, please visit the website of "Studentenwerk Oberfranken" and apply for a place either  in Amberg oder in Weiden, depending on the location of the program you are in. Please fill out this Application Form.

Please contact us at the International Office well ahead of your arrival to let us know when you arrive. We will organize your access to the student apartment.

Please note that the student apartments are not fully equipped. Please bring:

  • bed linen
  • pillow and blanket
  • coat hangers
  • kitchen equipment
  • adapter for socket

If you need any of the above, please contact the International Office.

After having registered for the apartment in the student residence, you will get a so-called Wohnungsgeberbestätigung. This is a confirmation that you have rented an apartment and that you have a place to live.

Now you have to register at the resident’s registration office in Amberg or Weiden. To register, you have to submit your passport and your Wohnungsgeberbestätigung. Students from non-EU states have to also register with the foreigner’s office and apply for a residence permit.

If you need help with the registration process, contact your International Office.