Application Procedure

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Applicants’ Portal

Here, you can also see the current application periods.
If red, the period has just ended, but will soon be open again.
For your orientation, the application will start for Winter Semester on May, 1st and for Summer Semester on November 15th each year.

The following guide should help you navigate through the application process:

  1. Please select one (or more) study programme(s) you would like to study at OTH Amberg-Weiden.
    All our programmes are listed in the Applicants’ Portal and can be selected.
  2. Then please select between the different types of study.
    Those are:
    • Full Time
    • Dual
    • Integrated (Teilzeit)
  3. Next some general information is given, e.g. the language of instruction or preparatory courses.
  4. Additional Questions deal for example, withwhether or not you gained your school certificate internationally and, if that is the case, please let them be checked by .
    We would also like to know how you found out about our university, and if we are allowed to keep your contact as an Alumni, after you have finished your degree programme.
  5. Finally, the Advance Approval might not be valid, and can be skipped.

Please fill in your personal information here.
That is:

  • Address
  • Health Insurance (There are 3 possibilities: with statutory health insurance, with private health insurance, without a German statutory health insurance, e.g. applicants)
    Please note that the reports of your health insurance companies will only be sent digitally to the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Amberg-Weiden.
  • Contact information (email, phone, mobile)
  • Vocational Training
    Please only answer this question with YES if you have an official vocational training and have worked in that profession.
    If YES, then please give us the exact title of your profession and when you have terminated it or will terminate it.
    If you do not have such a training, just answer „NO”.

  • Military/Civilian Services
    If you have done one of the following, please answer with „YES”:
    (Voluntary) military service, civilian service, voluntary social year, federal voluntary service, etc.

  • Sonderantrag” – Special Request.
    Please only answer this question with YES if you suffer from an exceptional hardship.
    Exceptional hardship exists if special personal social or family reasons make it absolutely necessary for you to take up your studies immediately or to change your place of study immediately. A written application and supporting documents (e.g. medical certificate, etc.) must be uploaded by the application deadline. Hardship aspects that are only asserted or occur after this deadline cannot be considered. This is a cut-off deadline!

  • Final Questions
    Previous conviction / Illnesses

The next big step deals with your education.
Here, we would like to know first what type of university entrance level qualification you have.

  • A-Levels from a German School abroad
    Then please select „Allgemeine Hochschulreife” and fill in all the information needed.
  • International University Entrance Qualification
    • If this applies to you, please get your certificates checked by uni-assist.

There are more possibilities given for selection, but these are usually used by national students:

  • General matriculation standard
  • Subject-related university entrance qualification
  • Technical college entrance qualification
  • Entry from work

These can usually be disregarded by international students.


Please let us know, whether or not you already have studied at a university either in Germany or another country.
You can choose between these two options. Please fill in, which University you attended, which degree programme you were enrolled on and for how long.

Please don’t forget to send your application to us, once you have completed the online form.
Not all documents required for the application process have to be uploaded at the same time.
The application can also be sent to us first and then, if necessary, additional documents can be submitted,later.

What the „Kurzanleitung” / Quick Guide is all about:

  • Entries that are obligatory are marked with a green star. If this mark is missing, the field can and may remain empty.
  • An orange question mark indicates an input field for which you can get more information.
  • And a red exclamation mark indicates a degree programme that will not begin in the next semester.

It is possible that sections that have already been filled out completely will slip back into the status "still incomplete" by filling out certain fields.
The degree programmes are displayed alphabetically, not according to the order in which they were entered.

Regarding the document status shown:

  • Received
    The document was successfully uploaded
  • In progress
    The document is being processed by the university
  • OK
    The document has been processed and accepted
  • Rejected
    The document has been processed by us and is unfortunately the wrong one, incomplete or not in the correct form. There is a question mark that you can click on to get more information.
  • OK verified
    The document has been submitted as an officially certified copy or as an original.

Please note:
The information given is in German. We are working on English information sheets, but this is still in progress. Thank you for your understanding.

This is how "Application" works - Video für internationale Studienbewerber:innen// Video for international students

Please go to our site introducing all our Bachelor programmes.

You will find all the possibilities available for you.



Restrictions on admission

Admission restrictions for particular degree programmes are decided anew by the university each year. This depends on the number of applications and the available capacities, which is why the university cannot provide any information in advance about possible admission chances.


Upon final enrolment, your provisional enrolment in applicant status will be confirmed by OTH Amberg-Weiden and your student card will be sent to you by post.

Qualified employees (Bachelor programmes exclusively)

Please note:
The information given is in German. We are working on English information sheets, but this is still in progress. We hope for your understanding.