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Housing Market

If you are studying in Amberg or Weiden and your place of origin does not allow you to commute economically, it is a good idea to move into a flat at the location of your university.We will try to provide you with the best possible support in this regard. We have a public exchange platform for flat searches where you can find your dream flat.

You may find a suitable flat in the university's Housing Market.

The new flat has been found. Now there are still so many things to do! The Stadtwerke Amberg’s digital relocation navi offers assistance.

Housing Market


Among other things, studying means developing yourself in a community. If you want to stay in close contact with fellow students during your studies and at the same time are looking for a flat at your place of study, a student hall of residence is a good option.


    Are you looking for an object of use or an item that you would rather buy second-hand? Or do you want to get rid of things that are no longer of use to you but could provide valuable services to someone else?

    Then you've come to the right place on the OTH Amberg-Weiden's Offer and Search Platform. Here, students offer books for sale or look for certain works, furniture and other necessities to make student life easier. Carpools are also advertised from time to time, as well as occasional mini-jobs from companies.


    AViS – Theses, pre-internships, internal job offers

    The platform for final theses, pre-internships and internal job offers for students.

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    Learning Partners Exchange

    Many things are easier with a partner, including learning. Students at OTH Amberg-Weiden can find suitable learning partners via the Learning Partners Exchange. And if you are looking for tutoring or want to pass on your knowledge to fellow students, you can also post tutoring offers and requests in the Learning Partners Exchange .

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