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I welcome you on behalf of the team of the WEIDEN BUSINESS SCHOOL - your contact person for modern management and successful corporate governance. Regardless of how and where you want to start or expand your career, with us you will make a good choice. We will gladly take care of you and make you fit for your future field of activity and its (digital) requirements. 

With an education at our business school, we not only open the doors for a variety of professional opportunities. We will also help you to find your individual path among the many possibilities. Our professors and lecturers look back on many years of practical experience. They are specialists in their fields of teaching and have a command of both the theoretical background and its application. Through this and through close cooperation with our partners in business and trade, we ensure that you will not only receive the necessary theory but also practical experience. We also offer you numerous opportunities to get involved during your studies, to develop your intercultural skills and your language expertise and provide support during stays abroad.

In line with our claim "Inspire Leadership - encourage innovation", it is important to us to train young people who can master the challenges of digitization, who are courageous in tackling change, daring to embrace change and driving forward innovative ideas and products. People who inspire others. Shape your future according to your ideas and let us accompany you as a highly qualified and self-confident graduate into the economy and/or self-employment.

We - the employees, lecturers and professors - are looking forward to go a good way together with you!

Prof. Dr. Bernt Mayer

Our range of services

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Further information on our six consecutive Bachelor's programs, five consecutive Master's programs and five part-time study programs can be found on the page Our study programs.

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For For an overview and further information on the bachelor's and master's degree programs at the WEIDEN BUSINESS SCHOOL, please see Our Study Programs. From overview page of the bachlelor's programs as well as the overview page of the master's programs you can access all study programs offered at OTH Amberg-Weiden.

Study programs that you can study part-time can be found on the pages of OTH Professional.

English-taught programs

We are pleased that international students enrich our campus and the learning and living together. Therefore, you can apply for all our degree programs with appropriate German language skills.

For those who prefer degree programs with English as the language of instruction, we offer a consecutive Bachelor's degree program and a consecutive Master's degree program taught purely in English:

International Business (B.A.)
International Management & Sustainsbility (M.A.)

So, make the choice for your future and study at WEIDEN BUSINESS SCHOOL!

Numbers / facts

Founded in 1994, the Faculty of Business Administration (today WEIDEN BUSINESS SCHOOL) started teaching in 1995 at the Weiden location with two professors. Today the WEIDEN BUSINESS SCHOOL has about 1700 students (of which 600 are international students) supervised by 19 professors and 8 Assisting professors. In order to coordinate all other matters and to ensure smooth teaching operations, the Business School is supported by 9 employees. In addition, around 70 lecturers from the practical side of the business world pass on their experiences from the companies to our students. (Status SuSe2022)


Since the start of teaching 723 diploma theses, 1377 bachelor theses and 277 master theses have been supervised by our professors and selected lecturers. (Status SuSe 2021)


Since 1995, 1282 graduates have left the WEIDEN BUSINESS SCHOOL (Faculty of Business Administration) as trained business economists. Distributed among the study programs, there were 1004 graduates in business administration, 267 graduates in trade and service management and 11 graduates in extra-occupational trade and service management. In the summer semester 2019 we were also able to say goodbye to our first 8 graduates in the Master Digital Business. (Status SuSe 2019)


Students of the BW faculty have access to approximately 19,000 books from the Business Administration Department in our library. In addition, our library provides access to approximately 23,000 e-books on economic and technical topics, 50 current printed journals and over 3,000 online journals.

In order to have peace and quiet for research work, learning and teamwork, our library offers you 53 individual workstations, 6 workcarrels, 4 computer workstations and 2 group workrooms. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for students with access to the 24-hour library.

Computer equipment

In three computer laboratories a variety of business application software is always available in the latest versions. Which programs you can use on our PCs and when the EDP labs are open can be found under Buildings and Laboratories. 

Learning management system

To make your teamwork virtual, interactive and effective, all students, professors and lecturers of the faculty use the learning management system moodle. There you will find scripts and information about the lectures in your course of study.

Interactive collaboration with your fellow students is possible via chat, video chat and discussion forums. You can also create Wikis and take exams.    

Award-winning teaching

Our professors create excellent learning conditions for you at the WEIDEN BUSINESS SCHOOL. It is not for nothing that we have four award winners of both internal university prizes and external prizes such as the "Prize for outstanding teaching at universities of applied sciences" in our ranks. Read more about them under Rankings and Awards. 

Publication series „Weidener Discussion Papers“

The WEIDEN BUSINESS SCHOOL maintains its own publication series with about ten publications per year. On the pages of the Weiden Discussion Papers you can access all publications. 


Students have access to 22 seminar and study rooms in three buildings on the campus of our university. In addition to the workstations and team rooms in the library, the WEIDEN BUSINESS SCHOOL also offers a learning room and a parent-child learning room.


We offer our students and lecturers - whether on our premises or on campus - a nationwide W-LAN. 


The Faculty of Business Administration becomes the WEIDEN BUSINESS SCHOOL, thus setting another milestone in the internationalization of the university. At the same time, the English-language Master's program International Management & Sustainability starts. The bachelor's degree program in Digital Business is being launched as the successor to the Trade and Service Management program.

The consecutive Bachelor's program Applied Business Psychology starts teaching and studying.

At the Faculty of Business Administration, the consecutive Master's programs in Logistics & Digitalization and Digital Entrepreneurship start teaching and studying.

At the Faculty of Business Administration, the first purely English-language Bachelor's program in International Business, the Bachelor's program in Logistics & Digitalization and the consecutive Master's program in Applied Business Psychology start.

The consecutive Master's program in Digital Business as well as the Master's programs in Applied Business Psychology, Digital Business Management and Tax Law and Tax Theory will take up teaching and studying.

Opening of the bachelor's degree program in trade and service management.

The Master's programs in Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Economics and Law and Business Administration in cooperation with other universities are starting their teaching and study programs.

Official opening of the Weiden department

Start of teaching and studies at the University of Applied Sciences Amberg - Weiden. In Weiden the course of studies in business administration starts with two professors and 3 lecturers.

Foundation of the University of Applied Sciences Amberg - Weiden

Rankings and prizes

CHE Ranking

A comprehensive and well-founded source of information for prospective students is offered annually by the ZEIT ONLINE and the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) with their results of the CHE ranking. Information from over 300 universities and colleges, more than 2,500 departments, 7,500 study programs, over 30 subjects and student evaluations are compiled and evaluated.

Our Bachelor's programs have again been among the top group of participating universities in recent years. Read more on the pages of the ZEIT ONLINE.

"Engaged. In Teaching" 

In 2014 our former dean, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Renninger, received the award "Engagiert. In teaching" for his particularly innovative and sustainable didactic concept "Ideas competitions as a design framework in university education". Learn more about his didactic concept here oder call up the certificate.

The award "Engaged. In Teaching" is an award within the program "Engaged. For Students" and is under the motto "Education and Work 4.0". It is awarded by an internal university jury to lecturers of the OTH Amberg-Weiden. The award is intended to promote new ideas from lecturers or the further development of proven concepts. The concepts of the award winners are exemplary, transferable to other teaching and learning situations and have an effect on the entire university.

It is an award for teaching and learning concepts that promote the acquisition of competencies by students through new didactic approaches and ideas and thus contribute to their academic success by strengthening the students' professional and extra-curricular competencies (key qualifications). With this award, the university wants to publicly recognize innovative teaching and learning concepts which, in line with the university's mission statement, promote the subjective quality component, the "how" of knowledge transfer as the decisive lever for the quality of teaching. The prize "Engaged. In teaching" you can find out more here.

Award for outstanding teaching at the Universities of Applied Sciences 2001 and 2012

With a total of three prize winners (Prof. Dr. Bernt Mayer, Prof. Dr. Günter Schicker and Prof. Dr. Johann Strassl) of the coveted award from the Bavarian Ministry of Research, the WEIDEN BUSINESS SCHOOL (Faculty of Business Administration) underlines its high standards of teaching and further education. Continuous didactic training, regular exchanges of views and successful evaluation practice ensure that students receive an excellent education. 

Read more on the website of theDiZ - Center for University Didactics


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