Innovative Learning Places - cooperation strategy of the OTH Amberg-Weiden with partners in the university region

OTH Amberg-Weiden's strategy of not establishing branch campuses, but rather bundling competencies on the campuses in Amberg and Weiden, is a successful model. Studying can only succeed under optimal conditions, in community, in exchange, in creative cooperation.  

In a "Learning Region", this is also realized by the university through the cooperation strategy "Innovative Learning Places", in which creative, cooperative, networked teaching takes place with partners in the region. In this way, the OTH Amberg-Weiden offers attractive study landscapes. For this purpose, the university cooperates with selected companies and monasteries - partners that are characterized by an exceptional learning environment, specially equipped laboratories, attractive premises and personnel skills. Overall, it is about decentralized places of creativity for students and teachers, which at the same time underpin the presence of the OTH Amberg-Weiden in the region.

Innovative Learning Places: We live learning

Creativity and innovation are born when the right people come together in the right place. That's why OTH Amberg-Weiden offers lively, diverse, inspiring off-campus LearningLocations in addition to the excellent study conditions in Amberg and Weiden. The Innovative Learning Places enable decentralized, authentic learning experiences and support students in developing their potential.

The Innovative Learning Places are thus not outposts with permanently located professorships and a manageable number of students, but decentralized places of ideas in which networked teaching and research take place outside the university campus.

One idea, many advantages

The Innovative Learning Places offer students many advantages: They learn and work at attractive locations in the region - even outside of regular learning events. Last but not least, the partners also benefit: Because the Innovative Learning Places revitalize the university region and thus also the rural area. Regional companies are directly involved in the university's teaching and research processes. This means a direct transfer of know-how from company to university and vice versa. In addition, the partners have the opportunity to attract students and graduates at an early stage and to retain them in view of the increasing shortage of skilled workers.

The decentralized learning sites in the university region are supervised by the OTH Amberg-Weiden, each with a responsible mentor from the professorate. This is where all four faculties of the university come into play.

Innovative Learning Places are characterized by the following features:    

  • Innovative: learning places and the university provide resources to take up innovative topics in practice.
  • Permeable: Learning places are a meeting place for students, professors, and employees of the company and the university.
  • Sustainable: LearningPlaces are part of the study program and the curricula
  • Integrated: LearningPlaces serve teaching, continuing education and research purposes
  • Interdisciplinary: Learning sites serve as a meeting place for different disciplines to work together on interdisciplinary topics.
  • Diverse: Interdisciplinary groups meet in learning sites, which are designed to be cross-faculty.
  • International: Learning sites are also suitable for international courses, such as summer schools.