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About the ISC

Hello and welcome to the International Student Club (ISC) of OTH AW.
We are a student-organised body of the International Office and active both at the campus in Amberg and in Weiden.

Our main goal is simple: we want to promote contact between our international and German students. Students from all over the world should feel welcome and at home at OTH AW. To achieve this, we not only organise regular events on site, but also organise various excursions near and far.

The ISC should be a place to make friends and experience new things together, a place of mutual respect and togetherness. We also want to encourage German students to venture abroad and serve as an informal contact point for international students.

Studying is more than professional expertise. This time is also about discovery, friendships and experiencing unique moments. The friends and experiences gained during this time shape us for life.

Because shared memories connect us: With excursions to the near and far surroundings, we want to make it possible for international and German students to explore our region, Germany and our neighbouring countries in an affordable way. Through regular meetings, such as the International Café or cooking evenings in both Amberg and Weiden, we offer the opportunity for intercultural encounters and promote contact between our students.

You do not have to join the ISC to participate in our events, but some events require pre-registration.

You can find current events in our calendar below, or follow us on social media to make sure you don't miss anything.

More than 700 international students from over 80 different nations study at OTH AW.

The ISC wants to bring people and their different cultures together. We stand for the values of tolerance, equality, community and friendship.

In line with the university's mission statement, we want to help international and German students to quickly feel at home at our university and in the surrounding area, to build up an international network and to encourage them to take the step abroad themselves.

Regardless of whether you are studying business, technical or creative subjects - inspiration is the basis for everything and makes new paths possible. In contact with other cultures and through new experiences, you get new impulses and can broaden your horizons.

Tolerance, respect and understanding for other cultures arise through exchange and contact. This is how we want to contribute to a successful and lively university community.

The ISC is open to all students of the OTH AW.
Everyone is welcome to join us.

Of course, you don't have to be a member of the club to take part in the events.

You think our ideas are great and would like to actively participate in one of our working groups, such as event planning or social media? Just write to us directly and become part of the ISC team - we look forward to meeting you!

How to contact us


Pictures of previous events