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Thank you for planning to do your studies here with us.
We will be happy to help you with information on how best to plan your studies and what to think about.
Because even if your plan is easy to realise, there are a few important tips and, above all, applications that you need to bear in mind.

The OTH Amberg-Weiden offers you numerous Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, some of which are even exclusively in English.
You can find more information about the individual degree programmes in the programme descriptions. And there you can also find out what the admission requirements are or what language level you need to have.

As a rule, a Bachelor's programme at our university lasts 7 semesters and includes 6 theoretical and one practical semester.
Consecutively, you can also add a three-semester Master's programme.

You can apply either for the degree programmes in summer or in winter semesters.
Please note, however, that there may be exceptions to this rule, which you will find in the respective programme portraits.

There are no tuition fees at state universities in Bavaria.
However, a so-called student union fee, plus a fee for a semester ticket must be paid once per semester, not only when you are applying but also each time you re-register for the coming semester.


What to keep in mind...

International applicants need the following in order to apply to the OTH Amberg-Weiden

  •     a university entrance qualification
  •     sufficient knowledge of German and English

The university entrance qualification is your school or university degree certificate with which you must apply to us.
Since we cannot check your documents that you have acquired in your home country, uni-assist will help us with this.
You have to apply for a so-called Vorprüfungsdokumentation (VPD) and send your documents there.
If you receive a VPD, it certifies that you are directly qualified to study. This is then your university entrance qualification. But - please always keep an eye on the application deadlines!
It can take a few weeks for uni-assist to process your documents. And VPDs submitted after the application deadline can unfortunately no longer be considered for this round.

A special rule applies for all applicants from for example China or India:
Applicants from e.g. China or India must register with their country-specific Academic Evaluation Service (APS) before applying for a VPD. This document must then be submitted when applying for the VPD.Please note that without an APS document, no VPD can be issued and thus no enrolment at OTH Amberg-Weiden can take place. And again - please plan your application generously in terms of time. Both the processing time of your APS documents and your pre-examination documentation usually require several months in total.

If your VPD states that you are not directly qualified for a degree programme at OTH, but for a preparatory course, you must first take the assessment test at a preparatory course. You will then be prepared for this exam in two semesters. You must register yourself at a Studienkolleg with your VPD. In Bavaria, the Studienkolleg in Coburg is responsible for the universities of applied sciences. You can then apply to OTH with the certificate you receive after successfully passing the exam.

Language certificates
German is the basic language of instruction in all degree programmes, including those taught in English. Therefore, applicants who have not acquired their study qualification at a German-speaking institution must provide proof of German language skills in order to enrol at OTH Amberg-Weiden. The necessary requirements differ - but are then listed in the respective programme descriptions.
By the way, the same applies to the required English language skills.

Proof of funding („Finanzierungsnachweis”, aka „Blocked Account”
Before you start your studies, you must first prove that you have enough money to cover your costs. To do this, you need the so-called "proof of financing".
In most cases, it is required that the so-called "Regelbedarf" of around 11,208 euros is covered for one year. For further and binding information, please contact the German embassy or consulate in your home country.
More and detailed information on this

Application for a Bachelor's degree programme: International applicants (including citizens of EU member states) who obtained their degree outside Germany must first have their documents checked by UniAssist. UniAssist checks on our behalf whether applicants meet our admission requirements. Please apply to Uni Assist for a VPD check for our university. The VPD contains information about your average grade as well as the courses/subjects that are suitable for you. Please note that the VPD is not sent directly to us. You must upload the VPD to us on the application portal together with your documents. You can apply to Uni Assist and to us at the same time and submit the VPD later. However, the VPD must be submitted for admission.

Preliminary internship (for Bachelor's degree programmes)
Applicants who have not completed vocational training must provide proof of a pre-study internship lasting six to twelve weeks for some degree programmes. If the internship unreasonably delays admission to the degree programme, it can also be done partially or completely after admission to the degree programme. However, this is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Application for a Master's programme: If you have a Bachelor's degree from a German university, you can apply directly to us via the application portal. Applicants who have obtained a degree abroad must apply to study with us via Uni Assist. Uni Assist checks for us whether your qualifications are sufficient for admission to the Master's programme and issues you with a verification document (VPD) about this. This verification document is required for admission. Please apply at the same time via our application portal and upload the VPD there together with your other documents. The decision on admission is made by the examination board.

Application deadlines: 
Most Bachelor's and Master's programmes start in both the winter and summer semesters. The application deadline for the winter semester begins on 1 May and ends on 15 July (for some Master's programmes only until 15 June) . The application deadline for the summer semester begins on 15 November and ends on 15 January. If there are still places available, the application deadline can be extended.

Application Form

If your application was successful, you will receive a provisional admission with a request to upload your documents on the student platform Primuss and to pay the administrative fee. Once you have completed all the necessary steps, you will receive your student card and matriculation certificate.

You will need to upload these documents:

  • University entrance qualification in original language or the certificate of the assessment test of the Studienkolleg (preparatory course)
  • VPD from Uni Assist
  • Final degree certificate (e.g. Bachelor's degree certificate), if applicable
  • Grade sheets from previous studies, if applicable
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Language certificate (English B2 and German A2 for English-language degree programmes)
  • Certificate of work experience, if applicable
  • Certificate of previous internship, if applicable
  • Copy of your identity card
  • Passport photo for your student ID

If you want to study in Germany, you need a Health Insurance Policy that is valid here. Students from EU member states with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) do not need compulsory health insurance in Germany. If you have private health insurance, you must apply for an exemption from compulsory insurance with a health insurance company in Germany. If the conditions of your private health insurance meet the legal requirements, your insurance will be recognised and you will receive an exemption. If your private insurance is not recognised, you must apply for student insurance.
Compulsory insurance ends when you reach the age of 30. After that, you must take out private insurance.
The health insurance company will forward the confirmation of your health insurance electronically to the Student Office of the OTH Amberg-Weiden. It is not necessary to submit a proof of insurance.

Amberg and Weiden may be smaller university locations - but since the introduction of international degree programmes, the housing market has become very tight. The search for a room is the students' own responsibility! Rooms in halls of residence are not provided!
Please start your search as early as possible, as many rooms are allocated early!

Video – How to Housing

Student residences
As an international student at the university, you can apply for a room in a student hall of residence through the Studentenwerk Oberfranken. However, this does not automatically mean that you will be allocated a room or flat. Please look for alternatives early enough.
A prerequisite for a place in a student hall of residence is a valid certificate of enrolment.

Private Housing Market

An alternative is to search the free housing market. When we receive offers from private landlords, we make them available online. You can also find interesting offers in our daily newspapers.
And of course, the internet and social media are also very good allies in the search for available rooms. And if you can't find a room directly in Amberg or Weiden, you can of course also search outside of Amberg or Weiden. Although there is no semester ticket, you can use the student discounts for local public transport with your matriculation certificate.

Whether you need a visa for Germany depends on which country you come from and how long you want to stay here in Germany.
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has put together a great information page where you can find out more and also get valuable tips on how to apply for a visa:
Study in Germany/Visa

However, it can sometimes take a long time before you receive such an appointment - so please plan with enough time.

Special requirements for applicants from India
Applicants will need an APS certificate before applying for a visa since November 1st  2022.
You will then need this document when applying for the VPD through uni-assist.

Residence permit
In order to study in Germany, students from non-European countries need a valid residence permit. The residence permit is granted if the students present the following documents at the Foreigners' Registration Office at the place of study:

  • Visa
  • Proof of a blocked account
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Certificate of enrolment
  • Registration certificate at the Residents' Registration Office
  • Passport photo

A fee is payable for the preparation of a permit.

A visa for study purposes is related to the degree programme. If the degree programme is changed, the purpose of the visa no longer applies. Therefore, in case of a change of study programme, a new visa must be applied for after the 3rd semester.  If you change your place of study within the first 3 semesters of your studies, you must register with the Foreigners' Registration Office of the new place of study immediately after taking up your studies. A visa for a stay as an au pair or for voluntary service can be converted into a visa for study purposes. However, you must submit an application to the Foreigners' Registration Office in good time before your residence permit expires.

The academic calendar at OTH Amberg-Weiden

The academic year at OTH Amberg-Weiden consists of summer and winter semesters:

Winter Semester: 1 October - 14 March                                                                       
Application period1 May - 15 July
(Attention! Exceptions
Lecture period1 October -31 January
Examination period1 February - 14 February
Lecture-free periodChristmas (2 weeks end of December)
15 February - 14 March
Re-registration for the following semesterMid-January to end of February
- Exact period will be announced via the notice board
Summer Semester: 15 March - 30 September                                                                                 
Application period15 November to 15 January
(Attention! Exceptions)
Lecture period15 March - 30 September
Examination period15 July - 31 July
Lecture-free period1 August - 30 September
Re-registration for the following semesterBeginning of July until mid-August
- Exact period will be announced via the notice board

What if I have questions about my application?

Depending on your degree programme, either the Students’ Office in Amberg or in Weiden is responsible for your application or admission.

You will always find your application status in your account on the application portal. Therefore, please refrain from sending queries by email.
It is also listed there if something is still missing or a document is incorrect.
Within the application period, you can complete your details - afterwards, please contact your responsible study office directly.
Please pay attention to the application deadlines!