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German-Argentinean exchange project: application possible!

Study, internship and application on environmental technologies in the different realities of life and production activities of Argentina and Germany.

The application of environmental technologies in the environment of Germany and Argentina is absolutely different in economic and industrial, climatic, environmental and social terms. In the German reality, the focus is on preventive environmental protection with precautionary environmental protection measures. In Argentina, on the other hand, the focus is currently still on aftercare environmental protection with end-of-pipe techniques.
Recognising and overcoming these differences is a core content of the project for students from both countries. Specifically, the exchange programme focuses on environmental technologies for the prevention and treatment of contamination in water, soil and air, with an emphasis on the problems of municipal and industrial waste, the metrological recording and monitoring of pollutants and environmental damage, as well as concepts for energy saving and efficient energy use.
An essential project goal is that the future engineers of both countries are not only able to work on these topics within their ancestral habitats in a qualified manner: Argentinean students get to know the state of German environmental technology and German students get to know the special boundary conditions of environmental technology in Argentina, which can be seen as representative for large parts of the world.

Exchange period
February to December (academic year in Argentina)

Deadline for application
30 June of the previous year

  • Bio- and Environmental Process Engineering (Bachelor)
  • Energy Technology, Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection (Bachelor)
  • Environmental Technology (Master)

in principle also open to other technical degree programmes, depending on the number of applications and possible coordination of content.


  • Three students per year can be sponsored.
  • The scholarship amounts to 1075 € / month; in addition, there is a one-off travel allowance of 1500 €.

Yes, is regulated in each individual case by learning agreement

  • At least 90 credit points (out of a possible 120) from the first 4 semesters.
  • Spanish B2 can be acquired in part during the stay.
  • Stay in Mendoza in the 5th and 6th semester of the Bachelor's programme or 2nd and 3rd semester of the Master's programme, deviations are possible

For technical questions
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Berninger

For exchange
Cornelia Eichinger


German Argentinian Exchange - Registration

Strongly recommended for Spanish A1 - B1 levels


Please attach the following files to your application:
- Letter of motivation (max. 500 words on why you would like to take part in the exchange)
- Curriculum vitae, in tabular form
- Certificate of enrolment
- Certificate of grades

Please combine your files into ONE file and name it as follows:
Exchange Project_Your Name_Your First Name