Study without university entrance qualification

Studying without a school-leaving certificate - is that even possible?


Thanks to the reform of the Bavarian Higher Education Act in 2009, it is possible to study at OTH Amberg Weiden not only for people with an Abitur, but also for master craftsmen and women and graduates of technical schools and academies, as well as for those with vocational qualifications and work experience.

Prospective students without an Abitur can apply for a Bachelor’s degree programme at OTH Amberg-Weiden. The following qualifications are required:


Formal requirements

Master craftsmen and women as well as graduates of technical colleges and technical academies and equivalent: General higher education entrance qualification

  • Vocational training > 2 years
  • Completed master craftsman's/technician's examination, specialised academy/school or equivalent further vocational training examination
  • Consultation
  • Example: recognised specialists could study technical or medical subjects

Beruflich Qualifizierte mit Berufsausbildung und Berufspraxis: Fachgebundene HochschulzugangsberechtigungVocationally qualified persons with vocational training and work experience: Fachgebundene Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (subject-specific higher education entrance qualification)

  • Vocational training > 2 years
  • Relevant work experience > 3 years
  • Consultation
  • Probestudium
  • Example: Automotive mechanics could enrol in a mechanical engineering degree programme

Personal requirements

Depending on the field of study, different interests and skills such as spatial, logical or entrepreneurial thinking, creativity or language skills may be required. Often, studying requires knowledge that was not taught during training and schooling. In the transition from employment to study, you may therefore face some challenges. Good preparation makes the transition easier. A short video provides information about the challenges of the transition to university.


Are you wondering which university access you have?

We will be happy to advise you on your university access options:

Why is a counselling interview necessary?

Since 2009, it has been compulsory for all applicants who apply with professional qualifications to attend an advisory interview at a higher education institution. In the counselling interview, you will receive an overview of the study content, course of study and requirements as well as information on the application and admission process. This is an important aspect of your preparation for a degree programme.

At OTH Amberg-Weiden, the counselling interviews take place together with other vocationally qualified persons on a joint date before the start of the degree programme - in each case before the summer semester and before the winter semester. After your online application for a degree programme, you will receive an invitation to the counselling interview.

If you have already attended a counselling interview at another university in Bavaria, you are welcome to enclose the counselling certificate with your application.

Do I have to take a trial course?

For vocationally qualified persons with subject-linked university access, a trial study is obligatory in addition to the counselling interview.

How does the trial study at the OTH Amberg-Weiden work?

  • The trial study programme is used to determine the student's suitability to study.
  • The trial course lasts two semesters
  • For Bachelor's degree programmes, a minimum of 15 credit points per semester must be achieved. 
  • This means that at least 30 credit points must be achieved in order to prove suitability for study after the second semester. This corresponds to about half of the credit points required by the study and examination regulations.