Process and Document Management

In order to create a common understanding and knowledge of internal university processes, OTH Amberg-Weiden pursues a process-oriented approach. This means that all processes and responsibilities are clearly defined in standardised process descriptions and are constantly updated. This creates transparency and commitment. A few, easily distinguishable symbols are sufficient to describe the necessary work steps, name contact persons and responsible parties and refer to associated documents and laws. At the same time, process orientation is one of the university's quality assurance measures. All approved processes and documents are published on our internal OTH AW process management system, to which all university members have access.


OTH AW Process Tool

The OTH AW process tool creates transparency: the process graphics show at a glance who is responsible for what and when in the process flow and which documents are required. In addition, all university-wide documents such as forms, checklists, procedural instructions, regulations and laws are managed. Regular revision ensures that processes and documents are kept up to date. The OTH AW process tool facilitates the daily work of university members as well as the induction of new university employees.