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Welcome to Professor Frenzel's Homepage

In the long term science, research and teaching at a high level is of great importance for the quality of life in a high industrialized society.

In this context mechatronics as a relatively young technical discipline with its integration of mechanical, electrical and information-processing components plays a key role.

Traditional disciplines of the engineer's sciences will be connected and thereby mechatronics creates new possibilities of the treatment of complicated problems. By convergence of  apparently different disciplines redundancies can be removed and synergies can be exploited. Mechatronics is a technical network composed of mechanics, electrical engineering and computer science.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Bernhard Frenzel

Professor/in Fakultät Maschinenbau / Umwelttechnik
Amberg, Fakultät Maschinenbau / Umwelttechnik (Geb. D), Raum 140
Telefon +49 (9621) 482-3310
Fax +49 (9621) 482-4310

Amberg 92224, Bavaria

Office hour Wednesday, 12.00-12.45 (while the university is in session)
Subject(s) Electrical Machines & Drives
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