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File Access and Exchange

Myfiles Filr

Directory replication via MyFiles (similar to Dropbox)

  • Access to the home drive (My Files -> Start) and the network drives
  • Desktop and mobile clients (apps) for tablet and smartphone
  • Sharing files also with external users (via mail address)
  • Requesting a file (reverse sharing)
  • Replaces "NetStorage”

Filr (web and client access on network drives)

NEW!!! Joint editing of documents using the Content Editor (please allow pop-ups and reopen the window when starting for the first time).

GigaMove 2.0

The GigaMove service provides a simple and user-friendly way to exchange large amounts of data.

This data exchange can only be initiated by a user who belongs to an organization that is a member of the DFN AAI Federation. Authentication is done via Shibboleth - no further authorization takes place. We are members of the DFN AAI and can therefore use this service.

This user either uploads a file via HTTPS protocol and passes on the automatically generated HTTPS download link - or this person generates an HTTPS link that can be used by the partner to upload a file.

The data is automatically scanned with an up-to-date virus scanner and deleted after 14 days (with the option to extend). There is an option to protect the download via password. A maximum of 1 TB of data may be stored per account, whereby the size of a single file may not exceed 100 GB.

More information can be found under this link at RWTH Aachen.

By the way: If you want to exchange data within our university, please use our network drives!



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