Campus Amberg in Detail


Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 23
92224 Amberg


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Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 23
92224 Amberg

Why to study in Amberg?

Amberg is not a metropolis of millions like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. So why study here? Quite simply because it all comes down to the overall package.

We provide you with teaching of excellent quality. With about 1,500 students at the Amberg location, you will enjoy very good study conditions. Our university offers excellent support from our professors, lecturers and staff, as well as short and uncomplicated communication channels.

Our location in Amberg offers everything a campus needs so that you, as a student, can learn, develop creatively and conduct research. The architecture of the former Kaiser Wilhelm barracks not only provides space for lectures, seminars and group work. It also impresses with modern laboratories, excellent IT infrastructure, a well-equipped library and a cozy cafeteria. Between your events, the idyllic inner courtyard invites you to relax among trees, lawns and art.

The campus's direct connection to Amberg's city center allows you to get to cafés, shopping arcades and most cultural attractions without having to drive or take the bus. Irrespective of this, public transport connections in Amberg are very well developed.

Just as important as a functioning transportation infrastructure for Amberg is the expansion of the broadband network. Therefore, access to high-performance Internet exists for every resident in Amberg, which is especially indispensable for students.

Living in Amberg is nice and, above all, not expensive. Rents are affordable and there are seven student dormitories in the immediate vicinity of the campus. Likewise, the numerous shopping opportunities allow for a complete supply, because in Amberg you can find everything - from boutiques to discounters - and that at an affordable cost of living.

For your health, the city of Amberg offers everything you need. Doctors of the most important specialties are located here. The St. Marien Clinic is equipped with modern facilities and has very well-trained staff.

In addition to your studies, leisure activities naturally play an important role for you. You can find out about the cultural offerings, the beautiful old town with its high density of pubs and other municipal facilities in Amberg here.


As part of the Nuremberg metropolitan region, the economy in Amberg is represented by numerous companies. Some world market leaders operate a branch in the Bavarian upper center.

Students in Amberg have numerous opportunities to get in touch with these companies in internships, student research projects or as working students. Almost 80 percent of our alumni have gone directly to companies in the region. You can find out more about the major employers and listed companies here.

Here you can find out which companies within the region or close to our university is part of our OTH Amberg-Weiden PartnerCircle.

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