Information for (expecting) mothers

As a family-friendly university, it is very important for the OTH Amberg-Weiden that ( expecting ) mothers are sufficiently provided with information regarding pregnancy during their studies, maternity protection, contact persons, etc.. Therefore, you will find below the contact persons and important issues that you have to consider when you are pregnant during your studies.

Please report your pregnancy to the university via the Primuss-Portal. There you will find the application under "Maternity Protection", which you should fill out and submit to the study office with all the required data.
You will then be invited to a counseling interview. This will be held with you by the Center for Gender and Diversity. Here you will receive help with any concerns and questions, you will be informed about the Maternity Protection Act, its amendments and permitted attendance times. The options for time off and semesters off will also be explained to you. Other topics covered during the interview include maternity protection periods and various counseling centers that can be contacted in addition to the Center for Gender and Diversity.
Once you have given birth, we ask that you notify the study office of the date of birth by submitting a copy of your child/children's birth certificate(s). This will be used as the basis for calculating your actual postpartum protection period. This protected period is not binding on you and may be suspended by a declaration of waiver on your part (Primuss-Portal). However, you can revoke the declaration of waiver at any time with effect for the future. 

You can find out how to successfully complete your studies with a child and what help you are entitled to both socially and financially in our information brochure "Studying – with a child!?". In the brochure and under Studying with family responsibilities you will find all the university's offers in detail, e.g. parent-child (work) rooms, parent-child parking spaces, tandem project, etc. 

If you have specific questions regarding modules and examinations of your study program, please contact the responsible study program director or advisor. You can find the exact contact details under "contact persons" on the website of your study program.

Please contact the Center for Gender and Diversity in case you have any questions or concerns. We will be happy to advise you confidentially.