Decentralized electric drive systems

Subproject 1

Based on a DC/AC inverter, a decentralized three-phase AC source for sinusoidal output voltages (50 Hz, 400 V, 4 kW) at the output of a three-phase LC filter is to be developed. Balanced and unbalanced three-phase and single-phase loads will be tested as possible loads.

The design of a simulation model adapted to the application, including the development of the specific control concept, is carried out using MATLAB/Simulink. With the help of the embedded coder, the simulation model is used as the basis for automated code generation for the microcontroller unit of a low-cost controller evaluation board, which is to function as a control platform.

Subproject 2

An innovative motor concept for a drive based on an asynchronous motor is to be prototypically designed and investigated. For this purpose, existing motors are to be measured in the laboratory for electrical machines and drives and, based on this, the concept is to be designed within the framework of a simulation.

The research project is being carried out at the OTH Amberg-Weiden on behalf of and in cooperation with an industrial partner.

Project duration

October 2022 to September 2023 (12 months)