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Workstations and equipment

For many students, the library is not only a place to obtain information, but also a retreat for undisturbed work. A quiet atmosphere and individually designed workplaces are essential for this. For reasons of fairness, however, it is not possible to reserve group rooms or carrels.


Alone, in pairs or up to three people can use these rooms to study, write papers oder discuss exam questions.

Group rooms

More heads also need more space. Our group rooms, some of which are equipped with SmartBoard and beamer, offer more space. This means that even larger groups can work on their projects in comfort.

In the reading room

The books in the back, the campus in view. Relaxed yet concentrated, you learn at the individual workstations in the reading room. The tables are partly equipped with sockets and reading lamps.

PC workstations

The library provides you with PC workstations not only for OPAC research. External users must first log in at the counter.

Copy machines and printers

A modern copying and printing machine is available to all university members. You can send your print job to Konica Minolta Print anywhere from your own device or from the library PC workstation. Then you authenticate yourself with your chip card on the device and release your order for printing. You can also copy and scan with the device. External users please contact the library staff if necessary.

Further information can be found here.

Bookeye book scanner

If you want to scan larger sections of text as conveniently as possible, our book scanner is the right solution. Either save the result on a USB stick or directly on the iPad. Simply download the free scan2mobile app from the iTunes Store and select Bookeye as the W-LAN setting.

Roll container

Students who travel a lot naturally want to avoid carrying unnecessary weight with them. If you need your borrowed books mainly for studying in the library, you can borrow one of our mobile containers. This mobile office has space for books, folders and even your laptop, so that you can have them ready to hand the next time you visit the library. Here you can find out how you can borrow a mobile container.


What's new? You can easily find out via our information screen in the entrance area of the library. There is always a presentation running here with information on library use and current developments.


University members can of course use the campus Wifi free of charge in the library.  Please register with the Wifi eduroam, for more information click here. Members from other universities can also connect via eduroam.
If you have any problems, please contact our colleagues at the computer centre.

External users can use our Wifi BayernWLAN.

Admission is granted exclusively for educational and scientific purposes in research, teaching and studies as well as for purposes of the library, university administration, education and further education and to fulfil other tasks of the university. Any use other than this, such as private use of the Internet, is not permitted.


Notes for external users

Interested readers and researchers are welcome in our library even without university affiliation. During opening hours it is possible to get a library card. Please bring your identity card with you.

For underage library users, a signed parental consent form is also required, which can be downloaded here.

Members of the Provincial Library can also borrow from the university libraries with this card.

For external users, special requirements apply in some cases:

  • A maximum of 20 media may be borrowed.
  • A maximum of ten interlibrary loan items may be borrowed at the same time.
  • No access is granted outside opening hours.
  • The electronic offer with e-books and databases is only available at a library PC for licensing reasons. The PC workstations can only be used after prior registration with the library staff and upon presentation of the library card.

Would you like to find out about our services before you are issued an ID card? Here you can find our information handouts:

We see it as one of our tasks to support our users in their search for information and literature. You can of course contact us at the counter. We also offer training events where you can get lots of tips. Under the heading Current Information we point out the respective dates. You can also contact us by E-Mail to arrange an individual appointment.

Offer for students

We organize both face-to-face and virtual trainings via BigBlueButton or on Moodle! We will inform you about current dates via the bulletin board. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time (see contact persons below).

Every first-year student must attend an introductory course at the library. Here they learn everything about using the library and get to know the library and how the locking system works outside opening hours. You can only use the 24-hour library after having attended this training. The introductions are offered at the beginning of each semester or by appointment.


  • Digital info hour daily at 11 a.m. for all questions about the library
  • Individual research support for Bachelor and Master students
  • Multi-modular training courses in our Moodle course "Library training courses" (the recordings of past training courses can also be viewed there)::
  • Effective literature search and introduction to scientific work
  • Literature management with Citavi
    (Dates will be announced under Current Information)


Your contact persons:
Amberg: Monika Pastuska (m.pastuska@oth-aw.de, phone: 09621/482-3215)
Weiden: Lena Fischer (le.fischer@oth-aw.de, phone: 0961/382-1201)


Offer for lecturers and new staff at the university

You are new at our university and would like to find out more about our services? Then simply arrange an appointment with us. We are also happy to present our innovations to experienced library users. And we are always open for new idead and suggestions.

Your contact persons:
Amberg: Monika Pastuska (m.pastuska@oth-aw.de, phone: 09621/482-3215)
Weiden: Lena Fischer (le.fischer@oth-aw.de, phone: 0961/382-1201)


Offer for schools

We are currently hoWsting presence training sessions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time (see contact persons below).

For pupils:

  • Lending and interlibrary loan from 16 years of age
  • Minors must bring a declaration of consent from their parents.
  • An identity card is required for the issue of a user card.
  • Provincial Library ID cards are also valid in our library.
  • Digital info hour daily at 11 a.m. for all questions about the library
  • Pupils writing a seminar paper or similar can book individual research support after making an appointment.


For teachers:

  • Our target groups: FOS/BOS, high school higher classes, junior high schools, technical schools
  • comprehensive and tailor-made training offer for your class or your W-Seminar
  • We will discuss the duration, training content, technical orientation and learning objectives with you in advance.
  • We use interactive teaching methods such as group work, independent development and presentation and digital tools such as Actionbound and Kahoot.
  • Our modular training offer:
    Orientation in the library with a library rally (actionbound)
    Professional literature research in the local catalogue, Gateway Bayern and in search engines (Google Scholar, Google, Bing, FIS Bildung, JSTOR)
    Interlibrary loan
    Information research in electronic resources (e-books, e-journals, subject databases)
    Information assessment and citation
    Literature management with Citavi free
  • Information research for multipliers (teachers)

We can also come to your school if required.

Your contact persons:
Amberg: Monika Pastuska (m.pastuska@oth-aw.de, phone: 09621/482-3215)
Weiden: Lena Fischer (le.fischer@oth-aw.de, phone: 0961/382-1201)

Materials for preparation and follow-up: