Study Contents


Study Plan

The study plan presents the modules of the Program "Innovation-focused Engineering and Management" in chronological order over the semesters. Here you can find out which lecturers hold lectures in the current semester. You will also find out which courses and examination achievements you have to complete.

You can download the currently valid study plan for the Innovation-focussed Engineering and Management program as a PDF:

Course Catalogue

The course catalogue lists all courses of the degree program - from the first module to the practical phase and the master's thesis. You can download the course catalogue for the degree program Innovation-focussed Engineering and Management as a PDF:

Module Overview

The module overview provides an overview of the chronological sequence of the modules with the respective semester hours per week as well as credit points. You can download the module overview for the Innovation-focussed Engineering and Mangement program as a PDF:

Timetable / Examination Schedule

You can download the current timetable for the Innovation-focussed Engineering and Management program in PDF format. On the exam schedule you will find all important information about the upcoming exams.

Study and Examination Regulations

For students of the study program Innovation-focused Mechanical Engineering find the study and examination regulations valid for you in the PRIMUSS portal on your overview page (at the very bottom).

For interested parties: The study and examination regulations for all degree programs at OTH Amberg-Weiden can be found on the OTH AW website.