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About us

Environmental management at OTH Amberg-Weiden

As a university, we have decided to take responsibility for our environment. Together with the students and the staff, the university should therefore be made even more sustainable in the future. The introduction of an environmental management system according to ISO 14001, in addition to the existing courses in the environmental field, is a further step in the direction of ‘green thinking’.

Scientific Management

Prof. Dr. Christiane Hellbach
Vice president
deputy Cluster Spokesperson ETN
Professor at Weiden Business School
Weiden, main building, room 144
Telefon +49 (961) 382-1308

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Berninger
Scientific Advisor
Lead Auditor for Management Systems
Professor at Faculty MB/UT
Amberg, building. D, room 159
Telefon +49 (9621) 482-3305


M.Eng. Georg Klampfl
Scientific Assistant
Environmental Management Officer (TÜV)
Weiden, WTC, Rom 1.37
Mobile +49 (151) 28813185
Telefon +49 (961) 382-1914

B. Eng. Aleksandr Shaimanov
Student Assistant
International Energy Engineering student
Faculty MB/UT

B. Sc. Saskia Klepzig
Research Assistant
Environmental Technology student
Faculty MB/UT

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