Putting e-portfolios into practice - a triad of theory, communication and application

Putting e-portfolios into practice - a triad of theory, communication and application

Teachers are regularly faced with the challenge of finding forms of examination that test all the skills taught. For universities, the HQR qualification framework is decisive in this matter. The suitability of classic formats, such as an oral examination or written exams for testing the four dimensions of competence, of the HQF is discussed critically time and again.
Meanwhile, digital formats are increasingly finding their way into university teaching. E-portfolios, for example, have the potential to map various competencies more comprehensively than classic forms of examination. Nevertheless, e-portfolios are not very widespread at German universities.
The innovation idea is therefore to identify the TOP10 hurdles for the use of e-portfolios by students, teachers and stakeholders, to address these hurdles through target group-specific communication and offers, to condense them into a starter kit for competence-oriented teaching with e-portfolios and to contribute to a spread of e-portfolios at our universities and beyond.
The aim of the joint project is to make the potential of e-portfolios more tangible and usable with a triad of theory & documentation, communication and concrete application.

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Funding sourceStiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre https://stiftung-hochschullehre.de/
Funding ammount1.205.000 €
Project duration01.08.2021 until 31.01.2024
Project managementUniversity of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden

Prof. Dr. paed. Dipl.-Math. Mike Altieri
Network partners

Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr.-lng. Michael S. J. Walter

Cooperation partner

BayZiel - Zentrum für innovative Lehre: https://bayziel.de/

Claudia Walter, Dipl.Päd. (Univ.), Dipl.-Soz.Päd. (FH)