Teaching language: German! (First Semester bilingual in Englisch & German)

Become an international specialist in the innovative development of intelligent, self-learning applications with a deep understanding of artificial and human intelligence. To do so, join us at OTH Amberg-Weiden, where this cutting-edge degree program is offered across all faculties at the Amberg location. Develop machine learning methods from huge amounts of data and solve complex challenges with Intelligent Algorithms. You will program robots and experiment with the "AI" of computer games. Become an expert in visual and linguistic intelligence and develop ubiquitous mobile applications for the "smart home" in the "smart city" of the future.

Career opportunities

Artificial intelligence is a highly topical and at the same time future-oriented megatrend, which is already as old as computer science, but which will decisively shape our future, especially due to the progress in "Deep Learning". Worldwide, but also in our region, AI experts are desperately needed in almost all areas of life, application and industry.

Study models

The Bachelor's degree program Artificial Intelligence - International can be completed as a full-time program. The program includes six theoretical semesters and one practical semester, during which you can gain insights into your future professional life and make valuable contacts for your career at an early stage. After a joint basic study of artificial intelligence techniques, programming, computer science, and mathematics, you will choose AI in-depth lectures from the areas of Data Analytics & Computer Vision, Smart Energy & Smart Home, or Smart Robotics & Smart Media.

The lectures are supplemented and deepened by internships, project work and social group learning units. After successful completion, you will receive the title Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).

Orientation studies prepareING

Which degree program suits me? How much math is involved in the courses? And how does college actually work? Good questions – good answers are provided by prepareING. Put OTH Amberg-Weiden to the test, get a taste of campus life and try out your dream course of studies!

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Start of studies

It is possible to start the degree program Artificial Intelligence - International (IKI) in the summer semester.

Application deadlines

  • Regular application period for the summer semester: November 15 to January 15 each year.
  • In exceptional cases, we extend the application deadlines of individual study programs. You can find out whether you can still apply for this degree program in the application portal.

Admission requirements

You wish to apply for the study program Artificial Intelligence - International? For admission to the OTH Amberg-Weiden you need to have the general university entrance qualification, the subject-specific university entrance qualification or the advanced technical college entrance qualification. Furthermore, admission via the vocational university entrance qualification is possible.

In addition, you need language certificates in German (level B2) and English (level B1) for the study program Artificial Intelligence - International. Further details are provided in the study and examination regulations (in German language) of the study program.