The future of healthcare is digital: Artificial intelligence, big data and the like will revolutionize medical care in clinics or practices. This new era requires new skills - and you will get them in the Digital Healthcare Management degree program.

The bachelor's program is interdisciplinary. In order to actively shape healthcare 4.0 in the future, you will benefit from courses in the key disciplines: management, informatics and healthcare economics.

Learn to understand processes and interrelationships in the healthcare market, to evaluate them in terms of health economics and, based on this, to apply digital technologies in a meaningful way. We teach you how to participate in the design and implementation of innovative care and business models through the use and development of digital solutions.

The healthcare market is characterized by above-average growth opportunities, considerable cost pressure and encrusted structures. Technological, diagnostic and therapeutic progress in medicine brings with it challenges that require new (digital) products, processes and organizational forms in order to fully exploit the qualitative possibilities and realize greater effectiveness and efficiency in healthcare.

Accordingly, there is a high demand on the labor market - in clinics, practices and healthcare institutions - for specialists who have an interdisciplinary understanding of healthcare structures, economic contexts and digital technologies (functionality and impact). This is exactly where the Digital Healthcare Management degree program comes in.

With your degree, you can expect unique career opportunities with a guaranteed future: the market for digital health, digital health economics or digital health management is one of the growth markets par excellence. Demographic and technological change ensure that this will continue to be the case in the future.

Degree: B.A.

Duration: 3,5 years

Start of studies: winter (October 1) and summer (March 15) 

Application period: May 1 through July 15 for the winter term, November 20 through January 15 for the summer term

Entrance Requirements

General entrance qualification for admission to a university or technical college or a subject-related university entrance qualification. Admission is also possible via professional university access. Students have to serve a pre-study internship of at least six weeks in a relevant professional field prior to their studies or by the end of the third semester at the latest.

German minimum B2

Contents and Structure

This study programme combines the areas Management, Informatics and Health Economics. 

Basic modules

  • Different management modules
    • Economics
    • Process management
    • Marketing
    • Logistics
  • Different healthcare modules
    • Anatomy
    • Medical ethics and law
    • Health economics
  • Different digtial modules
    • Informatics
    • Health data analytics
    • Medicine engineering
  • Cross-sectional modules
    • English
    • Statistics and quantitative methods

Fields of specialisation (after 5th semester)

  • Management
    • Health Economics & Hospital Management 
    • Business Model Innovation
    • International Healthcare Management
    • Presentation and communication
    • Product management and agile methods
    • Controlling
    • Technology and innovation management
    • Business planning and management
  • Healthcare
    • Health Economics & Hospital Management 
    • International Healthcare Management
    • Presentation and communication
    • Quality management and approvals
    • Regulatory affairs & Quality management
    • Case Management
    • Health systems in internal comparison
    • Public Health
  • Digital
    • Business Model Innovation
    • International Healthcare Management
    • Presentation and communication
    • Product management and agile methods
    • IT security
    • medical information systems
    • Computer Science
    • New technologies in the health sector
    • Usability Engineering

The last semester is designated for the completion of the final research paper (Bachelor’s Thesis) which may also cover research carried out in connection with practical placement at a company.